Cobra Kai season 5 saw Robbie and Miguel finally call a truce on dangerous rivalry, but the events of season 6 may see them become like brothers.

Miguel and Robbie managed to bury the hatchet in Cobra Kai season 5, but the series has a promising way of giving a more satisfying closure to their relationship in season 6. As the final season of The Karate Kid spin-off series, there are sure to be a lot of exciting things happening in season 6 that will wrap up all the drama. One specific event especially should have an impact on the rivalry arc between not just Robbie and Miguel but Johnny and Daniel as well.

In Cobra Kai season 5, Johnny and Carmen found out that they were going to have a baby, which made the need for Robbie and Miguel to sort out their differences even more dire. As a last-ditch effort, Johnny let the two face off in another fight, which, funnily enough, allowed them to burn off steam and forgive one another for their past misdeeds. They were able to celebrate together when they found out that they would be sharing a baby sibling, but they’re a long way off from being best buds. However, all that could change once the baby arrives, hopefully, in Cobra Kai season 6.

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Miguel & Robbie Can Bond Over Their New Baby Sibling In Cobra Kai Season 6


There are a lot of bad memories between Miguel and Robbie in Cobra Kai, even if there is no longer bad blood. However, once their baby sibling comes into their world, the karate champions will have the shared experience of being big brothers. This could be especially beneficial for these two and they will likely be eager to provide every bit of support for the new arrival. With this goal in common, Robbie and Miguel’s relationship will evolve rapidly.

This could make for some genuinely touching moments in Cobra Kai season 6. It’s the chance for Johnny not just to get being a father right this time but to be there for Robbie in the way he struggled for so long. Plus, this is likely to be the safest baby there has ever been since they will be thoroughly protected between their dad and two older brothers. Perhaps Cobra Kai season 6 can even include a flash forward to when the baby is a little older and learning karate from all the badass men in their life.

Johnny & Carmen’s Baby Can Bring All The Old Enemies Together


Robbie and Miguel aren’t the only ones whose relationship could benefit from a new bundle of joy. Johnny and Daniel are in the same place as their two proteges regarding their relationship. Of course, their rivalry was decades longer, so even though they have found a way to work together, they have a long way to go. With the decisions that will have to be made in Cobra Kai season 6 about the Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang, and Miyagi-Do dojos, they will need to work together. For that to be successful, they will need a bit of bonding before the finale.

Since Daniel is the only person Johnny really knows with experience as a father, he may find himself turning to his long-term rival for help. This could make Daniel an honorary uncle for the new baby (meaning yet another karate-doing family member to keep them safe). Back in the days of the Karate Kid, no one could have expected to see Daniel LaRusso and his bully Johnny Lawrence sharing in each other’s joy, but this is precisely what has made the continued story in Cobra Kai so enjoyable.

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