• Claim to Fame season 2 featured intriguing clues, strategic gameplay, and A-list celebrity relative reveals.
  • Gabriel won the season, keeping his celebrity relative a secret until the finale.
  • The challenges were fun, the clues were well-balanced, and the video messages from celebrity relatives added emotion to the eliminations.

Claim to Fame season 2 was a fantastic competition filled with intriguing clues, strategic gameplay, and A-list celebrity relative reveals. Hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas, the reality competition series featured lesser-known family members of celebrities trying to keep their identities secret while figuring out who the others really were. The clues came in the form of information given through competitions, Wine Room puzzle clues, and objects displayed on a Clue Wall.

On the Claim to Fame season 2 finale, Gabriel took home the $100,000 grand prize, while Monay came in second. Chris and Karsyn placed third and fourth, respectively. The Claim to Fame contestants navigated through the game by creating alliances, winning challenges, and piecing together their fellow contestants’ identities, all while hiding who their own family members were. After 10 exciting episodes, all 12 contestants’ celebrity relatives were revealed.

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On Claim to Fame episode 1, Carly was the first contestant to be guessed. She was revealed to be actor Tom Hanks’ niece, Carly Reeves. She’s Tom’s niece by marriage, as her mother is Tom’s wife, actress Rita Wilson’s sister. When Hugo guessed Carly correctly, she threw an epic tantrum, in which she screamed that her clues were too easy. Carly is an actress and comedian who has appeared in films such as Raise Your Voice, Larry Crowne, and Charlie Wilson’s War. She also has been in many stage productions in dramatic roles, but she loves sketch comedy and parodies the most.


Claim to Fame - Chris promotional photo

Chris kept his fellow Claim to Fame contestants guessing until the finale. They guessed him wrong an unprecedented three times, which meant that Chris succeeded in eliminating three contestants. While Jane guessed that Chris was related to Elvis Presley, Hugo thought Elton John, and J.R. declared Billy Idol, Chris is actually singer Donny Osmond’s son, Chris Osmond. Chris is a singer, whose latest song is called “Side Effects.”


Cole was revealed to be Alicia Keys’ half-brother, Cole Cook, when Karsyn guessed him correctly. Cole and Alicia share a father, Craig Cook. Cole owns a creative production company called Timeless Eye, which he began seven years ago. He was also a professional Call of Duty player for eight years.


Gabriel won Claim to Fame season 2 by keeping his celebrity relative under wraps until the finale. He is the younger brother of actor, rapper, and The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon. Gabriel played an impeccable game, winning five challenges, which earned him many clues about his fellow competitors. Gabriel is in the music industry, and he has released some singles on Apple Music. The singles include the song “Bow My Head,” featuring another one of his brothers, Reuben.

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Hugo was eliminated from Claim to Fame when he incorrectly guessed that Chris was related to Elton John. Hugo was revealed to be President Jimmy Carter’s and First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s grandson. His mother is their daughter, Amy Carter. On Claim to Fame, Hugo shared that he’s an engineer, studying both electro-engineering and math.


Jane incorrectly guessed Chris’ celebrity relative as Elvis Presley, and made a shocking early exit from the game. She was revealed to be Dolly Parton’s niece, Jada Star. Like her aunt, Jane is a singer/songwriter who has several songs available including “Tell Me I’m Your Angel,” “Keeper of My Heart,” and “My Favorite Jonas,” the song she wrote, sang, and played on the ukulele during the Claim to Fame episode 1 talent show.


J.R. left Claim to Fame when he incorrectly guessed that Chris was related to Billy Idol. He was revealed to be rapper Lil Nas X’s older brother, Robert Lamar Stafford, Jr. J.R. is an actor.


Karsyn placed fourth on Claim to Fame when Gabriel correctly guessed that she was related to NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Karsyn’s name is Karsyn Elledge, and she’s Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s niece and the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s granddaughter. She is Kelley Earnhardt Miller’s daughter. Karsyn is a racer in her own right, participating in car racing since she was a preteen.

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Monay came in second on Claim to Fame season 2, and she was revealed by Gabriel to be related to actor and comedian J.B. Smoove. She is J.B.’s daughter. Her real name is Jerrica Monay Brooks. She is a baker and a businesswoman, who owned a pie company. Monay is now a business development manager for Four Square Miles, which is J.B.’s production banner.


Olivia was eliminated from Claim to Fame when she incorrectly guessed that Karsyn was related to Jeff Gordon. Her full name is Olivia Aquilina, and she is The Masked Singer panelist and actress Jenny McCarthy’s niece. Olivia is a tattoo artist in Los Angeles. She has also worked as a cinematographer.


Claim to Fame's Shayne in a promo photo

Shayne made a shocking exit from Claim to Fame when her close ally, Cole, correctly guessed that she was related to actor Eddie Murphy. Shayne’s true identity is Shayne Murphy, and she’s Eddie’s daughter. Her mother, Nicole, was one of the stars of Hollywood Exes, which aired for three seasons on VH1. Because of this, Shayne appeared in eight episodes of the show. Shayne is also a model.


Travis was the second contestant to leave Claim to Fame when Gabriel correctly guessed that he was related to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Travis is Neil’s son, Travis Tyson. Travis appeared on Celebrity Family Feud as a teenager with his family. He graduated from New York University in 2022.

Claim to Fame season 2 lived up to its promise of A-list celebrity reveals. These contestants played an excellent game, during which they took risks and made guesses in order to further themselves in the competition. The challenges were fun and exciting to watch. The clues were perfect, revealing just enough information that the audience could play along, without giving too much away. The addition of videotaped messages from the celebrity relatives were heartwarming, and brought so much emotion to the eliminations. Hopefully, Claim to Fame will return for season 3.

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