Warning: Major Spoilers For Citadel Episodes 1-5 Below!After teasing the mystery for several episodes, Citadel has finally confirmed whether or not Nadia was the mole who destroyed the spy agency. It’s hard to believe Citadel is already near the end of its run. Despite costing an estimated $300 million to produce – making it one of the most expensive TV shows ever made – Citadel season 1 consists of a mere six episodes. That said, if Amazon’s ambitious plan to create a bunch of international Citadel spinoffs bears fruit, viewers will be seeing a lot more of the franchise in the near future.


From the beginning, Citadel has set itself up as a twisty thriller where nothing is what it seems. Mason Kane (Richard Madden) may have been portrayed as an arrogant, cocky secret agent, but it was assumed he was fundamentally on the side of good. Citadel episode 4 destroyed that image, where Kane is revealed to have permanently erased the memory of fellow Citadel agent (and his future wife) Celeste (Ashleigh Cummings) to cover Nadia’s (Priyanka Chopra) tracks, as he feared she might be a mole. Citadel episode 5 “Time Renders Us Enemies” finally answers that very question, revealing all of Nadia’s secrets.

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Nadia Didn’t Betray Citadel To Manticore

Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh holding a gun in train Citadel

Citadel episode 5 sees Mason and Nadia rescue Carter (Osy Ikhile) from Manticore’s black site. Soon after, all three get into a fiery argument, as Carter is convinced Nadia is the one who betrayed Citadel to Manticore. “Time Renders Us Enemies” flashes back to Mason proposing to Nadia, though the latter soon learns of Celeste’s memory wipe procedure. She rejects Mason’s marriage offer and reveals that while she did steal the “Oz Key” device during Celeste’s retrieval mission, she destroyed it because she believed no one – even Citadel – should have control of it.

When explaining where she went during her mysterious missing year from Citadel, Nadia drops the bombshell that she was pregnant with Kane’s baby. She left to have the child in secret, traveling to Valencia to stay with father Rahi (Paul Bazely), who Carter dubs “a terrorist.” After her child is born, she returns to Citadel intending to tell Kane the truth, but their memories were both wiped following the train explosion from Citadel’s first episode. The reveal Nadia wasn’t the mole shouldn’t come as a major shock, considering she had no idea who they were in Citadel’s first ten minutes and they’ve tried to kill her many times since.

Nadia And Mason’s Child Changes Everything

priyanka chopra and richard madden in citadel season 1

Still, Citadel episode 5 put any doubt about Nadia’s loyalty to rest. However, the reveal she and Kane have a daughter considerably ups the personal stakes for both. For Kane/Kyle, it’s a shock to learn he has a child he never knew about, and Nadia has the heartache of missing the first eight years of her daughter’s life. The episode ends on a cliffhanger revealing Dahlia (Lesley Manville) has taken their daughter hostage, and she blackmails Nadia and Kane into helping her steal nuclear missiles from a Russian submarine. This sets the stage for Citadel’s finale to have both personal AND apocalyptic stakes for the main characters.

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