As Selling Sunset season 6 has been filming, Chrishell Stause called out producers for creating false narratives within the storylines on the Netflix reality show. For a while now, Chrishell has not been afraid to share how she truly feels about the process of filming Selling Sunset and the behavior of some of her co-stars. While reality TV can be known for creating a false sense of reality, it is not typical for the stars of those shows to call them out for it, especially during filming.

According to Us Weekly, Chrishell took to her Instagram Story recently to share her thoughts about working on Selling Sunset season 6. “The way reality TV producers twist and manipulate things to create a narrative,” she said, then followed it up with some emojis of snakes and trash cans. Chrishell also went ahead and tagged the Done and Done Productions Instagram account, which created Selling Sunset. Underneath the emojis, she added, “Sucks to not be able to be proud of what you’re working on.”

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Chrishell Stause Calls Out Selling Sunset Stars’ ‘Thirst For Camera Time’

Chrishell Stause wearing a white dress and smiling on Selling Sunset

Chrishell went on in another slide to say that she thinks “viewers do NOT want manufactured drama.” On this slide, she tagged the personal Instagram accounts of three producers, including Adam Divello, who is the creator of Selling Sunset. This is not the first time Chrishell has used the power of her Instagram Stories to share some of her controversial thoughts about Selling Sunset. For example, back in August 2022, she said, “The thirst for camera time on season 6 is REAL. Wow,” but she didn’t actually reveal who she was talking about.

While reality TV shows are known for dramatic flair, Chrishell may be on to something in the sense that it’s enjoyable to see the drama unfold in each episode, but everything should still feel authentic. Once a show feels too fake or manufactured, then viewers might start losing interest. If the producers of shows like Selling Sunset want drama between a lot of powerful people all working in real estate, they most likely would just need to sit back and wait. Unfortunately, due to filming constraints and schedules that must be met, it is likely that is part of the reason they might begin to script or overly produce certain events or storylines.

Chrishell is not the first reality TV star to come out and say that producers are constructing false narratives or suggesting cast members should act a certain way or have certain conversations. Some ex-stars of shows like The Hills have come out much later and talked about the things that were manufactured. While it is likely this kind of controversy will continue in reality TV, there will always be some shows that seem more and less scripted than others. Looking ahead to Selling Sunset season 6, just the drama surrounding the filming of the show will surely be enough to entice viewers to tune in.

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