Chris Pratt joins Luigi co-star Charlie Day to show off his Mario voice, undoubtedly responding to The Super Mario Bros. Movie backlash.

Chris Pratt teams up with co-star Charlie Day to troll critics dissing his voice acting for The Super Mario Bros. Movie in a new video. For the upcoming movie, Pratt and Day will voice Mario and Luigi, respectively. The Super Mario Bros. Movie will also feature vocal performances from Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armisen, and Seth Rogen. With the film set to release on April 7, Pratt received immense criticism for his voicing of Mario following the first trailers that dropped.

On Instagram, Pratt and Day mocked detractors of their Super Mario Bros. Movie voices. In a video posted on Pratt’s Instagram, the Mario actor offered a “sneak peek at the Mario voice for the first time.”

Day also offered a look at the “Luigi” voice, beginning with the voice before switching to gestures as the audio cut out. Pratt’s caption for the video began with “TOP SECRET EXCLUSIVE.”

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Chris Pratt’s Mario Casting Backlash Explained

The Super Mario Bros. Movie poster showing Mario Kart with Peach, Mario, and others racing on Rainbow Road

Before the first samples of his voicing as Mario, Pratt got scrutiny for his casting as the iconic video game character in The Super Mario Bros Movie. Still, Pratt tried to make up for the criticism and prove the critics wrong by promising to live up to expectations regarding portraying Mario. Last summer, Pratt called his Mario voiceunlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world” and continued to hype Illumination’s Mario film as the posters came out.

The release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer did not live up to the high standard Pratt set. Viewers were shocked to hear Pratt’s voice in the film sounding shockingly banal. Some comments pointed at the voicing not resonating near a groundbreaking rendition of Mario but rather just Pratt himself. Coupled with a growing dislike of Pratt in the cultural milieu due to his questionable personal life, Pratt’s Mario, and by extension, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, faced severe backlash.

With its April release on the horizon, there have been questions about how this backlash affects ticket sales for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. 1993’s live-action Super Mario Bros. famously bombed at the box office, putting pressure on The Super Mario Bros. Movie to disrupt this trend. Thus far, Pratt’s unpopularity has not affected his blockbuster films; 2022’s Jurassic World: Dominion, for example, still made over $1 billion worldwide. With so much resistance to its main cast, however, it looks like The Super Mario Bros. Movie could fall in the 1993 film’s unfortunate footsteps.

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