My 600-Lb Life star Chris Parsons recently aired his journey on TLC, and he now reveals whether he ever got the weight loss surgery that he declined on the show. When he first started, single dad Chris weighed 620 pounds, and he wasn’t happy with the unhealthy path he was on. But throughout the episode, Chris worked hard to change his diet and increase his activity, and eventually lost more than 250 pounds, clocking in at 382 in his final weigh-in of the episode. But unlike most former cast members, Chris’ journey didn’t include weight loss surgery. Though Doctor Nowzaradan advised against it, Chris ultimately proved him wrong.


Chris made impressive progress during his weight loss journey on the show, making the My 600-Lb Life star question whether he needs surgery to help him shed more pounds. “I decided to not have the surgery,” Chris revealed in an interview with Distractify. “I strongly believe that if you can do it without a major surgery, you should.” However, Chris clarified that “weight loss surgery is not a bad thing,” and that if someone is truly struggling to lose weight on their own, “you…have to be prepared to get [weight loss surgery].” But for Chris, he wanted to be sure that he “gave it a shot” without surgery.

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Chris Parsons’ Weight Loss Motivation Is His Daughter

Chris Parsons hugging daughter Zoey on My 600-Lb Life

Viewers got to see Chris’ wonderful relationship with his daughter Zoey and how much he adores her. So it’s no surprise that Zoey provides her My 600-Lb Life star father with all the motivation he needs to lose weight. “My daughter and I want to live as long as possible,” Chris said. He revealed that as his mobility deteriorated, “existing everyday was getting hard,” and the thought of not being able to care for Zoey “sent me off in the right direction.” Chris focused on losing weight naturally, as he feels “that is the healthiest option,” and he “plan[s] to live to be at least 100 years old.”

Chris’ journey stands out because he is one of the few stars in the show’s history who decided against weight loss surgery. Many My 600-Lb Life cast members are eager to receive the surgery, and a common storyline is stars who are not approved for surgery because they were not able to lose enough weight on their own. Just a couple of weeks before Chris’ episode was another cast member, Mark Rutland, who also elected not to get surgery. However, Mark’s journey was not nearly as successful as Chris’. It seems that Chris has the motivation and drive required to lose such significant weight without surgery.

Though Chris employed some questionable weight loss methods, like excessive fasting, there’s no denying how much he accomplished. Chris has not shared a full-body update photo on social media recently, but his face is noticeably slimmer in his latest Instagram selfies, and it seems he’s still making progress on his weight loss after My 600-Lb Life. Clearly his desire to be the best dad he can be for his daughter gave Chris the push he needed to make the change to a healthier lifestyle.

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