• Crime 101, starring Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal, has been acquired by Amazon after a $100 million bidding war with Netflix.
  • The movie is based on a Don Winslow novella and revolves around a hunt for a jewel thief near the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • There is speculation that Hemsworth may drop out of the project, which would be a major setback, but production is moving forward with Amazon.

Crime 101, which is reported to star Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal, now has a studio after a $100 million bidding war. The crime thriller will be based on a Don Winslow novella of the same name, whose plot centers around a hunt for a jewel thief near the Pacific Coast Highway. Earlier this week, it was reported that Crime 101 would enter a $100 million bidding war with both Amazon and Netflix in the running for the movie.

The Crime 101 bid battle has now been resolved, as reported by Puck. According to the source, Amazon won the bid for Crime 101 after offering around $90 million for the movie, which is less than the $100 million initially reported. Interestingly, Netflix supposedly offered more money for the movie, but production opted for Amazon after the latter platform gave the hope of a theatrical release while Netflix demanded script revisions.

What Is Next For Crime 101’s Production?

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler holding his gun in Extraction 2 and Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us

While there is little known about the specifics of Crime 101, the proposed casting alone is enough to be the exciting aspect. The novella on which the movie is based features just two central characters, Detective Lou Lubesnick and the jewel thief he is trying to catch, and it is expected that Pascal and Hemsworth will play either of them. It is yet unclear who will assume each role, but the thriller has promise with two strong stars at its core.

It is no surprise that two major streaming platforms were interested in Crime 101. The production will now move forward with Amazon, but that is no guarantee that Crime 101 will start filming anytime soon. With the SAG-AFTRA strike still going strong, it is unclear how Crime 101 will be affected, but it is, at minimum, likely to affect at least some involved in the production.

The Puck report also offered some startling speculation regarding the future of Crime 101. Based on their sources, there is the possibility of Hemsworth dropping out of the project. While this fact is yet unconfirmed, Hemsworth backing out of Crime 101 would be a major setback for the movie, where the success hinges upon strong main stars. With production moving forward with Amazon, hopefully, Hemsworth will stay on board and help bring Crime 101’s intimate thriller plot to life.

Source: Puck

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