NBC releases the new trailer for the Chicago PD season 10 finale, and it suggests that Hank Voight may die. Intelligence Unit’s leader has been spearheading the specialized team for almost a decade now. Despite a string of character exits and introductions, Voight continues to be its compass. Now, however, it’s possible that his time at the Chicago Police Force is also coming to an end.


The new trailer for Chicago PD season 10 finale, “A Better Place,” shows Intelligence getting involved in a massive explosion, with Voight ending on the ground after. Watch the clip from Spoiler TV below:

The upcoming Chicago PD season 10 finale will serve as the culmination of an undercover case that Adam Ruzek has been working on for a while now. What started as a typical drug case for the specialized unit became so much more complicated when he got entangled with a white supremacist group led by Richard Beck. Voight and his team need to work quickly to stop whatever nefarious plan the perpetrator is planning.

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Will Voight Actually Die In Chicago PD Season 10 Finale?

Hank Voight Chicago PD

For what it’s worth, it seems like Intelligence is able to foil Beck’s scheme, seeing that the explosion takes place in an isolated shed. That being said, seeing Voight down on the ground is certainly concerning for fans of Chicago PD. Despite the dangers of the job, Voight has always gotten out of tricky situations unscathed. So the thought of him injured, let alone dead is unusual for long-time followers of the police procedural.

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While Voight dying isn’t out of the table, especially considering Chicago PD‘s history of seeing prominent characters either leave or die, it seems unlikely to get rid of Jason Beghe at this point. Narratively, it doesn’t make sense to further cripple Intelligence after the team just lost long-time member, Jay Halstead at the start of season 10. At this point, NBC needs to focus on rebuilding the team. If Voight’s time on the job is numbered, the show should start working on who’s going to take over his spot.

Just because it will likely be a death fakeout doesn’t mean that it won’t have any impact on the show. Seeing Voight actually get hurt will effectively shatter the idea that he’s invincible, which in turn, humanizes him. That’s a good starting point if NBC wants to fix its failures on the show in Chicago PD season 11.

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