Jesse Lee Soffer shares his two cents whether Jay Halstead is ghosting Hailey Upton in Chicago PD season 11. Earlier this season, the One Chicago police procedural said goodbye to one of its remaining original cast members, with Soffer deciding to exit the franchise to other projects. While NBC and Wolf Entertainment found a way to write him out of Chicago PD, the way his exit and the ramifications from it played out have gotten a divisive response from viewers of the show.

Aside from how poorly executed Halstead’s Chicago PD exit was, his decision to evade Upton’s phone calls has become a problematic part of the narrative in season 11. There’s an argument that this is uncharacteristic of Halstead, who promised his wife that he would come home after eight months. Soffer tries to defend his character to TV Line, however, saying that there’s a bigger plan at play here. Read his full quote below:

“He had a conversation about how he had to go. After Halstead left, Upton left unanswered messages and found out through Halstead’s boss that he extended his tour. “I can’t speak to what he’s doing now. I think [showrunner Gwen Sigan] and the writers have a plan, and it’s their responsibility to take care of the character… Our show’s a pretty dark show, so I would just say trust the process.”

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Can Halstead and Upton Still Save Their Marriage In Chicago PD?

Chicago PD Halstead Upton

NBC has kept the door open for Halstead’s possible return on the show, and based on his aforementioned quote, it seems like Chicago PD is working towards resolving this lingering plotline. But just because there’s a possibility of him coming back doesn’t mean that it will magically fix his relationship with his wife. While Upton was very understanding when Halstead told her about his plan to go to Bolivia, his actions after that are totally inexcusable.

While Soffer is open to returning to Chicago PD, his potential next appearance could very well just to tie the loose plot point. It would be very difficult for the show to rekindle Halstead and Upton’s romance knowing that he is no longer a mainstay in the police procedural. If NBC wants to bring them back together, the only other viable way is to also write Upton out of the show. For what it’s worth, Upton actress, Tracy Spiridakos has essentially confirmed that the pair’s marriage will soon be over.

It’s worth noting that it was Soffer’s decision to leave Chicago PD. He wasn’t forced out of the show like how Kelli Giddish was reportedly booted out of Law & Order: SVU. Given this, he maintains a great professional relationship with his former co-workers — so much so that he even returned to direct an upcoming episode.

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