Season 8 of Chicago Med saw the reunion of two ships, paying off romance teases from all the way back in season 1. Dr. Ethan Choi and nurse April Sexton, or Chexton, and Dr. Will Halstead and Dr. Natalie Manning, or Manstead, are two of Chicago Med’s most popular romantic relationships. Like most TV couples, both had a rocky timeline and a classic will-they-won’t-they dynamic. However, the uncertainty ultimately paid off as they were both confirmed to be endgame in the show’s latest season.


When April and Natalie were both set up to leave after season 6 of Chicago Med, fans of Chexton and Manstead had probably given up on any possibility of their ships coming back. Chicago Med eason 8 dropped huge surprises in April’s guest star role and Natalie’s brief finale cameo. With Ethan and Will making their exits this season, long-time Chicago Med fans can now rest assured knowing that their favorite ships are confirmed endgame.

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Ethan And Will Got Their Perfect Chicago Med Endings

Dr. Ethan Choi and April Sexton in Chicago Med

Dr. Choi and Dr. Halstead have been Chicago Med regulars since the show’s first season. From the death of their respective fathers to many moral and ethical dilemmas, the two went through a lot in both their professional and personal lives. Their love lives were the cherry on top of their problems, as Ethan always wanted to reconcile with April and Will could never really get over Natalie. Chicago Med season 8 first dropped a huge surprise with April reconciling and finally marrying Ethan. In the Chicago Med season 8 finale, the show gave a brief look into Will, Natalie, and Owen’s future as a family.

Though Ethan and Will both had their moments, fans ultimately wanted to see these two original characters living happily. Finding out that both Brian Tee and Nick Gehlfuss were leaving Chicago Med in season 8 was a huge blow, but many were preparing for their inevitable departures at some point. There were many ways that their exits could’ve gone. Having Ethan leave to start a mobile clinic with April and Will move to Seattle to be with Natalie softened the blows of their departures, and knowing that they were ultimately reunited with their true loves gives the two long-standing Gaffney doctors the perfect endings they deserve.

Chexton And Manstead Being Endgame Is The Best Payoff

Dr. Will Halstead & Dr. Natalie Manning in Chicago Med

Ethan and Will aside, both April and Natalie were original Chicago Med season 1 characters too. The two girls were loved by many in their own rights and their departures earlier in the series may have been a shock to some fans. New faces have come and gone from Gaffney since then, and it may have been hard for some to get invested in the newer characters. April and Natalie’s surprise cameos meant a lot in a season filled with uncertainty and change for Chicago Med‘s hospital, and the two getting happy endings with their most popular ships was the ultimate payoff for day one Chicago Med fans.

It’s a sad moment whenever a character leaves Chicago Med, but it’s especially hard when it’s an original character like Dr. Choi or Dr. Halstead. Losing both of them in one season was a huge blow, but the show made sure to give them their most satisfying conclusions by having them reunite with their respective true loves. Chexton and Manstead have been teased all the way back since season 1, and having them become endgame is the best payoff that Chicago Med could ever offer.

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