The Frasier reboot may see some familiar faces from Cheers, Kelsey Grammer teases. Production for the upcoming Paramount+ revival is already completed, which means that it’s only waiting for an official premiere date. In the meantime, Grammer, who returns as Frasier Crane in the show, hints at a few Cheers cameos in the reboot.


During his guest appearance in This Morning, the actor, who also produces the Frasier revival, is asked if fans may see any Cheers characters in the new project. Grammer, understandably, cannot get into spoilers, but he suggests that some of them may pop out. Read the quotes below:

Q: Would we see any of the old Cheers characters back?Grammer: We might see some of them…

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Why Cheers Cameos Are Needed In The Frasier Reboot

The cast of Cheers and Kelsey Grammer as Doctor Frasier Crane

Previously, Grammer cast doubts about the Frasier revival revisiting the old Boston pub that he frequented decades ago. However, even if he doesn’t find himself back in the bar, seeing some of his old friends in the city would be great. It could function as almost as a mini-Cheers reunion — something that they did back in the Seattle-based series. Narratively, it will also be a nostalgia kick for viewers who have known Frasier from his days as Diane’s boyfriend.

If some Cheers characters do show up in the Frasier reboot, it’s curious who they might be. For context, Bebe Neuwirth’s Lilith is already confirmed to appear in the Paramount+ project, although her cameo is somewhat unsurprising since the show also features her and Frasier’s son, Freddie. Carla, Norm, and Cliff would be a great trio to see. Otherwise, Sam Malone popping by would be fantastic.

The 10-episode Frasier reboot is tentatively scheduled for an October premiere. Assuming that this plan pushes through, it’s safe to say that Paramount+ will start marketing the show sooner rather than later. Aside from the first-look images and trailers, perhaps they could also confirm the list of guest appearances for the show.

Source: This Morning

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