According to fans, Todrick Hall became the official Celebrity Big Brother 3 villain, due to several things he said and did over the course of the season. Singer, songwriter, and YouTube star Todrick has always been a controversial figure, but chose to join the show’s third installment in an attempt to show a different side of himself. Alas, as the season progressed, viewers started turning on Todrick. He started to engage in a few problematic situations within the game.

Now that the show has wrapped, Todrick has continued to be a catalyst for controversy. Most recently, it was announced that Celebrity Big Brother season 3 celeb Todrick would star in a LGBTQ+ reality show called The Real Friends of WeHo. The new series airs after RuPaul’s Drag Race on MTV. However, its ratings weren’t as high as Todrick had hoped. When Todrick expressed disappointment over the lack of viewership, he was called out for feeling entitled to success. Some of the criticism of Todrick’s recent actions hearkened back to his past controversies on CBB3, so it’s time to look back at what happened in the house.

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Everything Celebrity Big Brother’s Todrick Said To (Or About) Shanna

The biggest issue that fans had with Todrick on CBB3 was the things he said and did to fan-favorite Shanna Moakler. During one particular interaction, Cynthia Bailey and Carson Kressley told Todrick about the time when a man invaded Shanna’s home, tapped on her window, and told her, “Don’t be too hard on me.” Shanna retold this story on Celebrity Big Brother, and said that this was one of the, “most painful, terrible things” she had ever experienced in her life.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Todrick Hall Has Gotten Plenty Of Shade

Teddi Mellencamp, Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate, and Lamar Odom on Celebrity Big Brother season 3

Later in the season, Todrick repeated the, “don’t be too hard on me” phrase to Shanna, without any regard for what she had been through. Besides that very specific case, Todrick was also seen in the Big Brother live feeds a few times, shaming the clothes that Shanna wore inside the house. He also dismissed her careerm and suggested that she was a bad role model for little girls watching the show.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Todrick Brought Up Chris Kirkpatrick’s Son

For some odd reason, bringing up young family members has become a recurring strategy/jab for disgruntled players. These kinds of contestants take out their frustrations by trying to hurt Big Brother costars on the show. For instance, Paulie Calafiore infamously brought up Da’Vonne Rogers’ daughter while they were in the BB18 jury house, which almost escalated into a physical altercation between them. Fans were heartbroken when Kyland Young ended his BB23 journey by bringing up Xavier Prather’s nephew during his eviction. On CBB3, Todrick brought up Chris Kirkpatrick’s son, and questioned how he would see his father on the show, suggesting that he was dishonoring his own kid.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Todrick Dismissed Other Black Stars In The Game

Todrick entered CBB3 after watching the Cookout’s impact on Big Brother 23. While the Cookout did face a few challenges within the alliance, and had a few of its members going head-to-head, Todrick took things one step further. He seemed to completely dismiss the other Black players who were with him on Celebrity Big Brother. One of his most memorable statements can be watched in the video above.

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Singer, actress, and TV host Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother 2 back in 2019, and became the first-ever Black contestant to win a US season of Big Brother. She has also collaborated on a few songs with Todrick out in the real world. Alas, Todrick took the time to give Tamar a backhanded compliment in the house, saying: “Her personality overshadows her talent.”

Celebrity Big Brother’s Todrick Brought Up His Unpaid Dancers Controversy

For years now, Todrick has been accused by several dancers (and other creative collaborators) of not paying all the people involved in his various music videos and productions. Many assumed that Todrick would use Celebrity Big Brother 3 to try to clean up his image, and ignore these claims that have been circulating for so many years. However, Todrick himself brought up this situation a few times, as seen in the tweets above. Overall, Todrick’s comments and behavior inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house earned him the reputation of a villain.

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