Warning: contains spoilers for DC/RWBY#2!While DC Comics’ Batman has a reputation as a lone wolf, it’s his on-again/off-again lover Catwoman who actually lives up to that rep… at least until now. As one of Gotham’s most notorious criminals and greatest protectors, Selina Kyle’s life has frequently been one of solitude. But that doesn’t mean that the Catwoman always has to work alone to get the job done.


DC/RWBY #2 by Marguerite Bennett, Meghan Hetrick, and Marissa Louise finds Team RWBY introducing themselves to the larger Bat-Family within the Batcave itself. When Catwoman first makes her uninvited appearance to the interdimensional team-up, she’s immediately taken with the cat faunus Blake Belladonna and even more taken with her powers. Blake introduces herself to the newcomer, revealing her ability to generate a shadow-clone and summarily impressing Catwoman in the process as Selina hands her a card and tells her, “If you’re ever looking for a new line of work, this is my number.” Interestingly, the moment matches a recent trend for Catwoman expanding her family of strays.

Catwoman Is On a Recruitment Drive

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The current Catwoman series by Tini Howard, Nico Leon, and Veronica Gandini has expanded Selina’s social circle quite a bit with the return of replacement Catwoman Eiko Hasigawa, and the debut of a new ally called Tomcat (aka Dario Tomasso), the outcast son of a prominent crime family. Currently, the original Catwoman is behind bars as her newfound allies protect Alleytown in her name, but this has proved to be yet another opportunity for Gotham’s greatest thief as Selina treats her fellow prisoners as yet another group of strays waiting to be adopted. And if someone as powerful as Blake Belladonna really takes Catwoman up on her offer to join the team, then Gotham would have a brand-new Cat-Family on par with its more famous Bats.

Catwoman Has Always Had A Thing For Strays

Catwoman Staring Down Eiko Hasigawa

Catwoman may not be as infamous as Batman when it comes to constantly gathering sidekicks, but Selina Kyle has had more than a few proteges during her time as one of Gotham’s most notable citizens. After all, even outside of her current allies, Selina has taken on a family before, acting as a sort of guardian for young women like Holly Robinson, the former Catgirl named Kitrina Falcone, or street hero Cheshire Cat – not to mention her banding together Alleytown’s outcasts as the Strays. Having experienced a considerably rough upbringing, Selina Kyle has never been one to turn away a stray, and it’s that underlying noble nature that’s helped her grow from a small-time thief to one of Gotham’s most dedicated heroes – even if she can’t resist a great heist when it comes her way.

Chances are, Blake Belladonna won’t be returning Catwoman’s calls anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean that Selina Kyle is going to stop recruiting allies anytime soon. After all, with the way things have been going for her, it’s clear that DC Comics’ Catwoman is quietly building a bigger support network than Batman’s iconic Bat-Family.

DC/RWBY #2 is available now from DC Comics.

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