• Mountain lion biologist Mark Elbroch analyzes the tiger attack scene in RRR and discusses the mix of realism and over-the-top elements portrayed.
  • Elbroch highlights the inaccuracies in Hollywood cat attacks, emphasizing that cats are silent when hunting and that running triggers their prey response.
  • Despite the unrealistic aspects, RRR’s action-packed scenes, such as the tiger attack, contribute to the film’s thrilling experience and worldwide recognition.

Mountain lion biologist Mark Elbroch has assessed the tiger attack featured in RRR, baffled by both the realistic and overexaggerated elements of the scene. In the scene, the film’s main character, a fictionalized version of Komaram Bheem (NTR Jr.), is introduced by trying to escape from a tiger in the forest. The action-packed scene sets the tone for the rest of the film, underscoring the type of action to anticipate throughout.

Speaking with Insider, Elbroch has weighed in on the important scene from RRR, discussing both the realism and over-the-top nature depicted throughout.

Elbroch’s analysis, which starts at 10:04, underscores how the film’s tiger attack scene got some aspects of the big cat correct, while others were altered for the story. Check out Elbroch’s full statement about the scene below:

The greatest problem with Hollywood cat attacks are the noises. First off, cats are completely silent when they’re hunting. You don’t let your prey know you’re coming!When that tiger emerges and hits the wolf? That’s actually a really important thing to note about cat hunting, is that they use their bodies. Not just their claws and their teeth. Sometimes, if they can get enough power behind themselves, just their weight alone can break the neck of an animal.You should never run! That’s, like, triggering the prey response in a large carnivore. You want to confront a large cat that is confronting you. If it’s threatening you, you want to scare it! But, let’s just assume that you’re running, you know, you’ve made that decision. It is worth noting that cats have really small lungs, and that they have these short bursts. That’s why they’re explosive when they hunt. And if they fail to connect with that prey and to take it down, quickly, they give up. So if you’ve got a long head start, and you can get that cat to run for, you know, a half mile or so, yeah, you’re gonna outrun it. Because humans are actually built for marathon runs.There’s no way he could stand up to being clawed several times. So, cat claws are protractible. And that means that, when the cat is relaxed, they’re actually sheathed, you don’t see the claws. That keeps them razor sharp, so when they capture prey or swipe prey, they immediately cut in and cut lacerations like sharp knives. Just one swipe of a tiger’s claw would completely debilitate this guy.I’m gonna give this one a 7 [out of 10].

RRR Has Many Memorable Action Scenes

RRR Movie NTR Jr

The tiger attack scene in RRR sets the stage for the film’s overall tone, as the movie has plenty of over-the-top action sequences throughout. Tigers make a return later in the movie when Komaram unleashes a truck full of animals against British forces, leading to another intense action scene. Given how much action the film has, it’s no surprise NTR Jr. wants to join the MCU as a superhero.

The action-packed film has gained worldwide recognition for its high-octane scenes coupled with a compelling story. This has led to RRR being released in theaters three times in the United States, underscoring the worldwide adoration the film has received. While sequences like Komaram’s first fight with a tiger aren’t always realistic, the film still accomplishes its goal of being a thrilling experience.

It’s unclear if the movie’s worldwide success – in no small part thanks to action like the tiger fight scene – will lead to another Indian action film getting a similar worldwide response. Since the film’s director, S.S. Rajamouli, has a track record of making long, action-packed films, it’s possible he may create something just as popular in the coming years. For now, it seems RRR will continue to be recognized for its many thrilling sequences.

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