While Frozen might never receive a live-action adaptation, that does not mean that viewers can’t speculate on the perfect cast for a potential remake. Frozen proved a huge hit upon the Disney movie’s 2013 release. A loose re-telling of The Snow Queen, Frozen follows the story of Elsa, a newly crowned monarch who struggled to control her superpowers. Elsa could turn anything (or anyone) into ice and manipulate frost and snow, but she wasn’t all that good at controlling these abilities. Meanwhile, her sister Anna teamed up with a wisecracking snowman and a sardonic iceman to track down Elsa.

While Frozen’s story rewrote the Disney animated movie rulebook, the movie’s success ensured that it became the new blueprint for the studio’s future releases. Frozen cost $150 million and made a staggering $1.285 billion at the box office, while its even bigger 2019 sequel Frozen 2 outdid this incredible haul by making $1.453 billion upon release. As such, fans of the franchise reasonably anticipated that Frozen might someday receive a live-action remake like so many of Disney’s earlier animated hits. Whether this remake ever happens or not, there are plenty of stars suited to a Frozen live-action re-imagining.

10 The Duke Of Weselton – Mike Myers

Bruce Baldwin making a speech in The Pentaverate.

While Shrek star Mike Myers might be best known for his animated family movie franchise, the actor was also a live-action comedy superstar in the ‘90s and ‘00s. Thus, Myers would be perfect for the broadly comedic, goofy villain role of The Duke of Weselton. It has been a while since cinema-goers saw Mike Myers in a comedic role, so playing the secondary villain of Frozen’s story would be a great comeback for the legendary star.

9 Marshmallow – Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis as Alfred in The Batman

When it comes to the question of who should play Marshmallow, the gigantic snowman monster that guards Elsa’s ice fortress, there is really only one viable answer. Andy Serkis, the star with endless experience playing an array of monsters and beasts, is perfect for this part. In a live-action version of Frozen, Serkis could give Marshmallow the same blend of ferocity and humanity that he lent everyone from King Kong to Gollum.

8 Grand Pabbie – Brian Cox

Brian Cox as Logan Roy

Ciaran Hinds is unlikely to reprise his role as the Troll King in a live-action remake of Frozen, but the movie could still pick one of Hollywood’s other elder statesmen to lend gravitas to the part. Succession star Brian Cox could have a lot of fun playing Grand Pabbie, especially after the star’s string of darker projects in recent years. The fact that Kristoff was raised by trolls means the characters must balance warmth and solemnity, and Cox is perfectly suited to this task.

7 King Agnarr – Jonathan Groff

Jonathan Groff in Knock at the Cabin

While the King of Arendelle technically plays an important part in the plot of Frozen, he is not actually seen onscreen for long. Since this part is both pivotal and also a brief role, casting Kristoff’s original voice Jonathan Groff in the role actor would be a cute touch. Groff is admittedly a little young to play the father of the movie’s heroines, but the King of Arendelle’s Frozen role takes place a few decades before the rest of the story.

6 Queen Iduna – Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell handing a coupon to a cashier in Queenpins

While Kristen Bell’s version of Anna grounded the original movie’s story, the best way for the actor to give a live-action remake her blessing would be by taking on the part of Anna’s mother the Queen of Arendelle. Bringing back Anna’s original voiceover actor for this short cameo would be a nice bridge between the two versions of the story, particularly when the Queen of Arendelle’s role is relatively brief. Bell has made an impression in short roles before, making this Frozen part an ideal fit.

5 Hans – Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens as the Prince in Beauty and the Beast

When Solar Opposites season 4 recast Korvo with Dan Stevens, some viewers were understandably surprised. However, the actor soon proved that his posh British accent was tailor-made for playing aloof, self-important comedic characters. A veteran of Disney live-action remakes thanks to 2017’s version of Beauty and the Beast, Stevens now also has plenty of comedy experience thanks to Solar Opposites. He could nail exactly the sort of smug demeanor that made Hans such a good villain, making Stevens an ideal pick.

4 Olaf – Jonah Hill

Olaf and Anna in Frozen

Olaf the talking snowman was played by Josh Gad in the original movie and there is no reason that the comedy veteran couldn’t reprise his role in a live-action remake. However, 21 Jump Street star Jonah Hill could also give Olaf the nervy, anxious energy that made Anna’s sidekick so memorable. Hill would likely make Olaf a little more tense and less playful, which would lend the character a fresh perspective while still keeping him as adorable as ever.

3 Kristoff – Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kraven the Hunter trailer

While Aaron Taylor-Johnson is rumored to be Bond 26’s new 007, he could embody the role of Kristoff before taking on that iconic part. 2009’s Nowhere Boy proved that he can sin, while Bullet Train proved that he can successfully blend physical comedy with demanding action set-pieces. His roles in the Kick-Ass franchise and the MCU have also shown that Taylor-Johnson can nail the sardonic charm of Kristoff, meaning he would be perfect for the part in a Frozen live-action movie.

2 Anna – Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl in Riverdale

Riverdale’s breakout star Madelaine Petsch impressed as the show’s resident drama queen Cheryl Blossom, but she has not yet had a major theatrical success. However, Petsch can sing, is the right age for the role of Anna, and she has got the right mixture of comedic chops and dramatic ability to pull off the part. Riverdale’s ridiculous plots mean that Petsch has already played a witch, a time traveler, and a cult leader in the same series, so talking to a sentient snowman shouldn’t be too big a stretch for the star.

1 Elsa – Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Northman

The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy pretended to be Elsa for a young fan, admitting she has the right appearance for the part in a live-action take on Frozen, but that is not the only reason that she should be the one to take on the role. Taylor-Joy also has extensive experience playing complicated, thorny anti-heroines thanks to The Witch, The Menu, and The New Mutants. She has also already starred in a Medieval action epic via 2022’s The Northman, played a woman struggling to harness her superpowers in Split, and anchored a successful family blockbuster in 2023’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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