In About My Father Sebastian and his girlfriend, Ellie, are invited to spend a weekend at their home, but his father, Salvo, doesn’t want to be alone for the holiday. Sebastian, although worried about being embarrassed by his father, brings him along for their weekend getaway. While the two families clash initially due to cultural differences, they eventually become a stronger single family over the course of the weekend.


About My Father is co-written by star Sebastian Maniscalco, inspired by his real relationship with his father, and Austen Earl. The comedy is directed by Laura Terruso. About My Father features a star-studded cast, including Robert De Niro, Lelie Bibb, Anders Holm, David Rasche, Kim Cattrall, and Brett Dier.

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Screen Rant spoke with Brett Dier, David Rasche, and Anders Holm about their new movie About My Father. Dier revealed that he, like his character, went on a meditative retreat before filming, which helped him prepare for his chemistry read with De Niro. Rasche commended About My Father for being truly heartfelt, and Holm broke down why his character is so annoying.

Brett Dier, David Rasche & Anders Holm Talk About My Father

About My Father Robert De Niro & Sebastian Maniscalco

Screen Rant: This movie is incredible. It made me call my dad right after. David, you and Robert De Niro play the patriarchs of your family and want the best for their kids? But Bill’s not very confident in his sons. Can you talk to me about how he feels about the relationship with Sebastian and his daughter?

David Rasche: Well, we’re very happy we as long as Sebastian does what we want him to. I would just add the thing about this movie. I think we all felt that when we saw it was that it’s not formulaic. It’s really, honestly, truly, ev though it’s Hollywood like that. It really is heartfelt. It’s very unusual that way.

Something I found really interesting, Brett, is that you went on a silent meditation retreat prior to shooting, and then did a chemistry read with Robert De Niro right after. Can you talk to me about that experience?

Brett Dier: I feel like if it wasn’t for that retreat, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the Zoom call with Robert De Niro. I honestly believe that because I got a hold of myself a little bit on this retreat and I felt centered. So going into a zoom I felt centered even though my pulse was pounding through my neck, but I still managed to do it. So it helped. I want to do one a year. That’s my goal.

Me too. I’m gonna try to go on retreats now.

Brett Dier: Do it!

David Rasche: You called your dad. That is just great. Gee whiz.

He was a single dad, so I really felt this movie. Anders, you describe Lucky as a tennis golf-playing schmo. You just want to punch in the face. Can you talk to me a little bit about your character and how he fits into his family dynamic?

Anders Holm: I think he’s somebody who’s taken advantage of his position in the world. He’s got money. He’s a white guy. He’s going to some nice college, but he’s not really centered, or grounded or connecting to people because I don’t think he has much going on, on the inside. It’s all very surface.

David Rasche: You’re too good at everything. You’ve never had a challenge that you haven’t been able to overcome. You can beat anybody a tennis beat anybody at this.

Anders Holm: But these are all reindeer games. He’s got no emotions. He’s got no…

David Rasche: No, you’re screwed up. I don’t mean.

Anders Holm: Oh, burn! Yeah, he’s just doing his best. But it’s all very surfacey stuff. I don’t think he’s making any true connections.

David Rasche: But deep down he’s really a sensitive…

I love how fatherly you are with these gentlemen in real life, but this isn’t just a great father and son story. It’s really a heartfelt story that centers around family. How does family influence your guyses sense of humor in your comedic style?

Brett Dier: Well, the dysfunction of family is really funny. So there’s a lot of playing with that dysfunction and studying how people interact with each other. How their egos are flared, when they’re not, and all these things it’s a lot of comedy in family.

Anders Holm: I come from a very reserved kind of quiet family. So yeah, I don’t have like wacky characters in my narrative.

David Rasche: There’s no place else to go. They don’t necessarily want to be there. But where else is there to go? That’s where your stuff is. So that’s where you live and they’re my son so that’s all, that’s just that’s it.

About My Father Details

About My Father Sebastian Maniscalco & Robert De Niro

Sebastian and his girlfriend Ellie are invited to her family home for a holiday weekend in the summer, but much to his chagrin he has to bring his Italian immigrant father Salvo. Sebastian and Salvo contend with culture clashes between themselves and Ellie’s rich family. Over the course of the weekend the two very different families become one.

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