In a recent interview with Screen Rant, one of the original developers of the Call of Duty franchise Chance Glasco discussed the great passion Brazil has for gaming, placing them at the number-one spot when it comes to enthusiasm. Glasco was a co-founder of the studio Infinity Ward, which first released CoD alongside several other installments like Modern Warfare. Glasco now works at Good Dog Studios – which he also co-founded with industry veterans – that’s developing the upcoming simulation title Martial Arts Tycoon: Brazil.


Inspired by critically acclaimed games like Two Point Hospital, Martial Arts Tycoon: Brazil centers around players managing jiu-jitsu gyms in a Brazilian favela. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Glasco discussed his love for the sport and the country of Brazil, as well as his excitement to debut the game’s cinematic trailer at BIG Festival in São Paulo this June because of the passion the audience there has for gaming. Check out the full quote below:

Chance Glasco: And so I’m really excited that we’re announcing at BIG Festival, because it’s kind of full circle. I’m living there, and then training in jiu-jitsu there, and now coming back to announce the game in Brazil, in what’s definitely the most excited gamer base on the planet as far as the passion behind games. I would put Brazil at number one unless there’s some random-a** country like Estonia that I haven’t heard yet. The whole passion you see for soccer, it carries over into games, and they’re also the fifth-biggest market.

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More About Martial Arts Tycoon: Brazil’s International Appeal

Martial Arts Tycoon rooftop gym overlooking the favela.

With both a Brazil-based setting and announcement for the game at BIG Festival, it’s no wonder why Glasco predicts audiences in that region will likely get excited about the title. However, although it focuses on jiu-jitsu, the overlap between MMA fans of all kinds spans across countries to create a very big audience. Whether it’s Sambo, Taekwondo, Karate, or one of the many other fighting styles throughout the globe, there is no doubt a certain amount of built-in audience when it comes to Martial Arts Tycoon: Brazil.

From Glasco’s quote, it’s clear that after being a part of a franchise as big as Call of Duty, his focus is no longer on things like market size or copies sold. Instead, he seeks to find players who are just as passionate about the upcoming game as he is. A stark departure from the first-person shooter genre, Martial Arts Tycoon: Brazil seeks to cover entirely new ground while also celebrating the culture of Brazil and its passionate inhabitants.

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Martial Arts Tycoon: Brazil is slated for release some time in 2024.

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