The upcoming Tears of the Kingdom could include one of BOTW’s most powerful weapons. There is a vast array of weaponry available in Breath of the Wild, ranging from simple branches to enchanted swords, and any (or all) of these could soon return in TOTK. However, in terms of raw power, one weapon in particular stands equal to the Master Sword, if not above it.

One of the most prominent features of Breath of the Wild is its approach to weapons. Almost every single weapon (and shield) in the game can and will break after enough use. The implementation of weapon durability in BOTW, and perhaps in TOTK, means that the player needs to continually scavenge for new weapons. The Master Sword, of course, is an exception to this, but enough use will still see it lose power and require a recharge. However, this is not the only item in BOTW with unusual restrictions placed on its use. A very similar weapon would be a brilliant addition to Tears of the Kingdom under the right circumstances.


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BOTW’s One-Hit Obliterator Should Be In Tears Of The Kingdom

Link obtaining the One-Hit Obliterator in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with the item description.

The One-Hit Obliterator from The Champions Ballad is a thoroughly overpowered weapon that cuts down all foes in a single strike. Similar to the Master Sword, it is unbreakable and requires a brief recharge after every two blows. Although clearly unsuited for the main game, the One-Hit Obliterator would make a perfect BOTW weapon for Tears of the Kingdom as part of post-game content. This is because wielding the weapon poses a unique challenge: in exchange for killing enemies in one hit, Link is weakened so that a single blow will defeat him as well. As a result, using the One-Hit Obliterator effectively requires careful tactics and great skill in dodging.

The One-Hit Obliterator Is A Perfect TOTK Post-Game Weapon

Link holding the One-Hit Obliterator in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The difficulty of using the One-Hit Obliterator formed a large part of the ‘EX The Champions Ballad’ DLC quest in Breath of the Wild, and would also make it a unique weapon to use in TOTK. Of course, Link has already been shown to use new weapons and even vehicles in Tears of the Kingdom, which could provide their own post-game challenges. However, the One-Hit Obliterator could easily still have a place alongside them in TOTK. Avoiding any and all damage is a restriction that could easily keep gameplay engaging after completing the main story, while the weapon’s devastating effect would allow Link to go on an entertaining rampage.

A weapon that guarantees that everything dies in one hit, the player character included, is the kind of concept that works best as post-game content. BOTW’s One-Hit Obliterator proved the mechanic to be difficult to master, but still very entertaining in its first appearance. The return of the overpowered item alongside new weapons in Tears of the Kingdom would undoubtedly invigorate the post-game for much the same reason. The ability to tear through the forces of evil with ease is an attractive prospect, although it would likely trivialize the main game. Nevertheless, Tears of the Kingdom would definitely benefit from the One-Hit Obliterator being in Link’s arsenal after that point.

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