Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon are on the hunt for a serial killer in the new trailer for the true crime thriller movie Boston Strangler.

Keira Knightley is on the hunt for a serial killer in the new trailer for Hulu’s Boston Strangler. In her latest role, Pirates of the Caribbean star Knightley plays Loretta McLaughlin, the reporter who broke the story of infamous 1960s serial killer The Boston Strangler. Alongside Knightley, Boston Strangler casts Carrie Coon as Jean Cole, the reporter who teamed with McLaughlin to further pursue the Strangler case, battling sexism and uncovering corruption all along the way.

In the first trailer for Boston Strangler, which was just dropped by 20th Century Studios, Knightley and Coon are intrepid reporters who will stop at nothing to catch a killer.

The brooding tone of Boston Strangler is clearly reminiscent of criminal investigation thrillers like David Fincher’s Zodiac. But the film does delve into some unfamiliar thematic territory for the true crime genre, as it tackles the story of female journalists facing huge obstacles as they seek to root out the truth about a killer who preys on women. Speaking with Screen Rant, director Matt Ruskin opened up about his decision to tell the story through the lens of Coon and Knightley’s characters:

“Everything that I had come to learn about Loretta I had seen so much of in Keira’s work. This incredible outward strength, but also this ability to be vulnerable and convey a real interior life. I couldn’t think of anybody who could do that better than her.”

“Much of the case was mishandled, and so telling the story from the perspective of a detective just never really added up to me. When I discovered Loretta and Jean, and the work that they did, it felt like the right way to take a new look at this.”

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Everything We Know About Boston Strangler

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Produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, Boston Strangler features a solid cast beyond stars Knightley and Coon. That cast includes Alessandro Nivola (The Many Saints of Newark), Chris Cooper (The Town), David Dastmalchian (The Suicide Squad), Robert John Burke (Law and Order: SVU), Morgan Spector (The Last Airbender) and Bill Camp (Joker).

That top-notch array of actors was led through their work on Boston Strangler by the aforementioned Ruskin, whose past directorial credits include the LaKeith Stanfield drama Crown Heights among others. Ruskin indeed also wrote the script for Boston Strangler, after previously penning Crown Heights and Booster.

True crime is obviously a controversial genre right now, after conversations sparked by shows like Netflix’s Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which was widely accused of glorifying serial killers and traumatizing victims all over again. But Boston Strangler appears to take a different angle on the serial killer story, making it more about the efforts of journalists to catch the killer, and less about the killer’s deeds themselves.

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