Boruto finally shows how the protagonist got the scar displayed in the flash-forward, and it was the price to pay to save someone very dear to him.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #78 of BorutoBoruto finally explains how the main character gets the scar on one of his eyes, seen in the flash-forward shown in the very first chapter of the series. It turns out that Boruto got his scar from Kawaki, but he did so while trying to save a person very dear to him.

In chapter #78 of Boruto, Kawaki ambushes his former “brother” Boruto, following up on his declared intention of killing him to save Naruto and Konoha from Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who is trying to take over Boruto’s body. Sarada, who has only just learned that Boruto was killed (and then resurrected) by Kawaki during their battle against Code, intervenes to save his friend. However, Kawaki overpowers her and is about to cut her down, when Boruto jumps in and pushes Sarada out of the way, getting a nasty scar on his right eye and cheek in the process.


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Boruto Got His Scar Saving Sarada’s Life

boruto saves sarada and gets his eye scar

The scar on the protagonist’s eye was first seen in the flash-forward that teased Boruto’s future fight against Kawaki, shown in the first chapter of the manga. Fans have been wondering since then how it happened, especially considering the mystery surrounding Boruto’s right eye, which transforms into a Byakugan when Momoshiki takes over his body, and into a Jogan in the flash-forward. Now it’s clear that the scar is the first shot fired in the much-awaited battle between Boruto and Kawaki, which will be the main focus of the manga going forward.

Boruto and Sarada’s actions in this chapter reinforce the bond between the two, which was sadly overshadowed by other plot lines in the manga. There has been a lot of speculation about a possible romance between Boruto and Sarada but until now very few signs of it. Sarada’s determination in trying to save Boruto, and the latter’s sacrifice of an eye in order to save her, however, create the perfect background for their relationship to blossom into something different.

Boruto Lost An Eye, But He May Have Gained A Powerful Technique

It’s not clear yet what consequences Boruto’s wound will actually have. According to Momoshiki, the boy has lost his right eye, and this is coherent with what was seen in the flash-forward, where Boruto kept his eye closed until he activated the power of Karma, which then transforms it into a functioning Jogan (an eye technique that was described only in the anime and has yet to be mentioned in the manga). Still, Boruto receiving his scar is proof that the story is progressing toward its climax.

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The latest chapter of Boruto is available from Viz Media.

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