Greg Sestero, who starred in the original The Room, features in a new set photo from Bob Odenkirk’s upcoming remake. Released in 2003 and widely considered one of the worst movies of all time, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room follows Johnny (Wiseau) as he finds out that his fiancée, Lisa (Juliette Danielle), has seduced his best friend, Mark (Sestero). Twenty years later, the movie still remains an object of cultural fascination, and it was recently revealed that Odenkirk is filming a remake for a charitable cause, using only green screen.


Now, a new photo from the set of Odenkirk’s The Room remake shared by acclaimed horror director Mike Flanagan reveals Sestero’s return.

Flanagan’s photo features Sestero sitting near the front of a sizable cast and crew, with the caption revealing the original star played a crucial role in setting the remake up. The caption also reveals that Flanagan is playing the role of Peter and his wife and frequent collaborator Kate Siegel is playing Claudette.

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The Room’s Enduring Legacy Explained

Tommy Wiseau as Johnny in The Room

Although intended as a drama, The Room fell quickly into the realm of unintentional comedy because of how downright terrible it is. The movie’s “so bad it’s good” quality and Wiseau’s larger-than-life personality have resulted in The Room remaining strangely popular even today. In fact, even twenty years later, the movie remains a popular choice for independent cinema midnight screenings.

This continued cultural fascination with The Room seemingly reached its peak in 2017 with the release of The Disaster Artist. Directed by and starring James Franco, The Disaster Artist chronicles Wiseau and Sestero’s creation of the movie, with Dave Franco playing the role of Sestero. The film is based on Sestero’s book of the same name and even features a cameo from Wiseau himself.

Odenkirk’s The Room remake is not being made at the same scale as The Disaster Artist and is purely a charitable endeavor, but its existence speaks to the impressive staying power of Wiseau’s original creation. It remains to be seen how the remake will be received and how successful it will be in terms of raising money for amfAR, The Foundation for Aids Research, but The Room evidently continues to be a source of comedy and interest even two decades later.

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