• Blue Beetle is the first official DC Universe character in James Gunn’s new DC Universe, and actor Raoul Max Trujillo hopes supporting characters will also be included.
  • Blue Beetle’s connection to Booster Gold could pave the way for a potential team-up in a movie or second season.
  • Blue Beetle brings fresh energy to the franchise and fits well with James Gunn’s brand of weird and lesser-known characters, hopefully leading to the inclusion of other characters from the movie in the DC Universe.

Blue Beetle star Raoul Max Trujillo shares his hope of continuing into James Gunn’s DC Universe, especially with the news that Blue Beetle is the first official DC Universe character. Gunn announced an exciting line-up for the new DC Universe, with his Superman: Legacy really kicking off the new universe. However, Blue Beetle was created as enough of a standalone movie when it was developed and filmed that Gunn was able to easily incorporate the character into the rebooted universe.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for Blue Beetle, Trujillo discussed Gunn’s new DC Universe and shared his excitement about Blue Beetle being the first character introduced into the new DC Universe. Trujillo also hopes that other elements of the Blue Beetle movie, including his character Carapax, are incorporated into the new DC Universe as well. Check out Trujillo’s full quote below:

Raoul Max Trujillo: Yeah, I wouldn’t know very much about that other than what I just read the other day in that, finally they said that Blue Beetle would be the first in the new universe. I don’t know if that means that everything that comes with Blue Beetle comes along for the ride as well. Carapax, because Carapax is a huge figure in the world of Blue Beetle. So other than what I’ve read recently with this new mantle that this is a choice that they’ve made, is to carry Blue Beetle forward. And I just hope that the rest of us go along for the ride as well.

How Blue Beetle Could Fit Into James Gunn’s DC Universe

blue beetle releases in 2023

Gunn confirmed that Blue Beetle will be the first DC Universe movie character, but Superman: Legacy is the first DC Universe movie. This means that while Blue Beetle can be tied into the DC Universe, supporting characters and villains may not make the jump. This may be dependent on how well Blue Beetle does at the box office and with fans.

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Blue Beetle seems primed for the DC Universe not only because he is a younger hero who is introduced in an origin movie instead of a crossover but also because of the Booster Gold series. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are a well-known duo, and this could be the perfect way to bring Xolo Maridueña back into the DC Universe. The Booster Gold series could first explore and introduce this character while setting up a follow-up that brings this pair together either in a movie or a second season.

Blue Beetle is the perfect character to bring into Gunn’s DC Universe. He brings fresh energy to the franchise that it definitely needs. He also fits perfectly into the Gunn brand of weird and less well-known characters, which allows them to really play with this character and explore new elements. Hopefully, if Blue Beetle gains enough popularity, other characters from the movie will make the jump into the DC Universe as well.

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