New art is giving fans a glimpse at Big Game, an epic crossover that will unite Kingsman, Wanted, Kick-Ass and other infamous comics. With the Millarworld event of the decade fast approaching, readers are finally getting a taste of what insanity they can expect.


On Twitter, artist Pepe Larraz made a post teasing his and Mark Millar’s upcoming crossover event and sequel to Wanted, Big Game. The much-hyped series is going to bring every character in the Millarworld brand together, and Larraz gives fans a glimpse of several iconic Mark Millar co-created heroes in one page. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl from Kick-Ass are seen fighting a bloody and brutal battle. The preview also features newer Millarworld additions, such as the young vampiric superheroes of Night Club, and the international superhero team currently being assembled in The Ambassadors. The curiosity of fans was piqued, with many praising the artwork and discussing their anticipation for the upcoming crossover. Larraz quickly followed this up with another image, showing a group of Wanted‘s supervillains, including many who were killed in the original comic, such as Mr. Rictus and Imp.

Big Game Preview Hints at Huge Kick-Ass Crossover

The explosive events of Big Game were planted as far back as one of Millarworld’s earliest books, Wanted. The series established that the world was once populated by actual superheroes and villains until the Earth’s villains united to make the world forget that superheroes were real. However, the heroes of the world have been slowly coming back in books like Kick-Ass, Superior, and The Ambassadors. Nemesis: Reloaded recently revealed that the Fraternity, Wanted’s secret order of supervillains, were planning something big and potentially planning for a new war against the new wave of heroes.

While details of Big Game are closely guarded, the preview art alone tells fans everything they need to know about the ambitious event. Anyone familiar with Millarworld’s titles knows they can expect plenty of high-octane action, as well as truly despicable villains. What’s truly compelling is that Larraz’s preview image only shows a small fraction of Millarworld’s characters. Kick-Ass is no doubt a main draw for many fans, but the main characters of Secret Service, Starlight, Prodigy, Huck, and Jupiter’s Legacy are all planned to be a part of Big Game. It’s taken nearly 20 years, but as the preview shows, Millar’s ultimate crossover is almost here.

Big Game is a Dream Come True For Wanted Fans

Big Game Cover Millarworld

Mark Millar has written a large swath of creator-owned titles in the last several decades, many of which have been adapted into major films. With every Millarworld title factoring into this huge event, it’s likely to have something for everyone. Kick-Ass fans will want to see how someone like Dave Lizewski survives a major supervillain battle. Or maybe Wanted fans are dying to see what is next for Wesley as he prepares for his own war with superheroes. There’s plenty of opportunity for any Millarworld character to shine, and if Larraz’s art is any indication, it’s going to be a sight to behold. Fans can see Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Kingsman return when Big Game #1 goes on sale July 19th.

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