Big Brother 16 star Frankie Grande would love to play the game again, but he fears that he would be too big of a target in an All-Stars season. Frankie placed 5th on Big Brother 16. He holds the record for the most Head of Household (HOH) wins in a single season at five, although he was dethroned for two of them. He also won three vetoes. If his Battle of the Block win is counted, Frankie has nine single season wins, tying Janelle Pierzina and Michael Bruner for the most ever. Frankie was only nominated twice while he was in the house.


On EW’s Quick Drag podcast, Frankie revealed that he is absolutely “not done with Big Brother.” However, with rumors of the upcoming Big Brother 25 being either an All-Stars season or having some returning players, he admitted that he is hesitant to return out of fear of being an immediate target. He confessed, “I’m cautious because I’m afraid of going out like Janelle did in the last season of All-Stars.” Frankie explained that he knows that he will walk into the Big Brother house “with a massive target on my back, so if it was the same type of All-Stars season as last season, I would probably be voted out right away.”

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Big Brother’s Frankie Grande Wants A Legends Season

Frankie Grande on Big Brother

Because of this, Frankie said that he would need the season to be “Big Brother: Legends.” He explained that the only way he would be safe in the house is if he were playing against the strongest competitors in Big Brother history. He listed Dan Gheesling, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, Derrick Levasseur, Janelle, Britney Haynes Godwin, and Rachel Reilly Villegas as players whom he would want in the game. Frankie added, “I want to be in there with all humongous players. And if that was the case, I think I would be able to find a path to the end, but otherwise I’m just going to be there for one week. What’s the point?”

Frankie is one of the greatest Big Brother houseguests ever. He went down in history when he single-handedly won a Battle of the Block competition that his partner Caleb Reynolds tried to throw. Frankie worked alone to emerge victorious against his fellow competitors, Donny Thompson and Zach Rance. It was one of the most shocking and triumphant moments in the history of the show. It also gave Frankie a place in Big Brother lore. His win solidified him as a legend of the game, something that even his biggest critics could not deny.

Frankie has a great point about why Big Brother All-Stars seasons are so difficult. Although she was one of the strongest Big Brother players ever, Janelle placed 14th on season 22 when her fellow houseguests conspired to evict her as early as possible. Even if there were a mix of returning and new players, the newbies would know the former houseguests’ reputations and work together to get them out as quickly as they could. However, Frankie is right that, in a Big Brother legends season in which every player is a huge threat, there would be a more even playing field.

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