Big Brother 24’s winner Taylor Hale has no desire to compete on The Challenge. In fact, she told producers not to contact her for the upcoming season.

Big Brother‘s Taylor Hale revealed that she has no desire to ever compete on The Challenge. Taylor competed on Big Brother 24 last summer. With one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of the show, Taylor started off the season by being bullied by her fellow houseguests. Week after week, she found herself on the block but was ultimately never evicted from the game. Despite not winning many competitions, Taylor managed to make it to the Big Brother season 24 finale and take home the $750,000 cash prize.


It is quite common that past houseguests go on to compete on The Challenge; however, that will not be the case for the Big Brother‘s Taylor Hale. A short clip from one of Taylor‘s recent Instagram live videos was shared by Twitter user @tess79769155. In the clip, Taylor vocalized that she has no desire to join The Challenge.

In fact, after winning Big Brother, she specifically told producers to “not even bother reaching out” for a spot in any upcoming seasons of The Challenge. Taylor did not specify whether they have, in fact, reached out, despite her initial request to not be contacted.

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Big Brother’s Taylor Hale Claims The Challenge Isn’t A Fun Show

Big Brother 24's Taylor Hale wearing glasses

There is no doubt The Challenge is way more intense of a competition than Big Brother is. Taylor does not necessarily think being on the show looks like an enjoyable experience. In the short clip, she said, “That’s not a fun show. That’s not an enjoyable time for me. I would never.” As past Big Brother players are currently being recruited for The Challenge: USA season 2, there were rumors claiming Taylor was a potential candidate. Unfortunately, Taylor will not be a part of the cast. Aside from saying The Challenge does not look “fun” or “enjoyable,” Taylor did not go into more detail regarding an explanation of her reasoning.

Although there have not been any confirmations as to which past Big Brother players will be in the upcoming season of The Challenge: USA, many rumors have been spreading across the Internet. Big Brother 19‘s Cody Nickson recently revealed that despite initially being approached, he was ultimately rejected for The Challenge: USA season 2. The first season of the show consisted of many Big Brother season 23 houseguests, including Alyssa Lopez, Azah Awasum, Derek Xiao, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, and even Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather.

Although there were houseguests from earlier Big Brother seasons that competed in The Challenge: USA season 1 as well, it is assumed that a majority of the past players competing in the upcoming season will be Taylor’s fellow houseguests. While it would be exciting to see Taylor compete on another reality show, The Challenge is not in her future; however, it is unclear if the former Big Brother winner is open to competing on other reality shows instead. Only time will tell if Taylor is ready to leave reality television in her past forever.

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