• Hisam Goueli reveals he would’ve stayed loyal to The Professors alliance if they saved him, despite being devastated when they came up with the backdoor plan.
  • Hisam would consider playing Big Brother again, but acknowledges it’s a tough game that requires sacrifice and will depend on where he is in his life.
  • Despite being a strong competitor, Hisam’s social game was lacking, which led to him being seen as a villain of sorts and ultimately losing the trust of his alliance.

When Big Brother 25 houseguest Hisam Goueli became Felicia Cannon’s backdoor target, he promised that if she and The Professors saved him, that he’d be loyal to them until the end, and he now reveals if he would’ve stayed true to his word. Hisam was a member of The Professors alliance, along with Felicia, Cirie Fields, Izzy Gleicher, Bowie Jane, Mecole Hayes, and Red Utley. They came together as the older houseguests, and vowed to take the younger ones to school. However, during Hisam’s Head of Household reign, they turned against him as he steamrolled them and told the other houseguests that he didn’t really want to work with them.

In an interview with EW, Hisam revealed that he would’ve kept his promise to stay loyal to The Professors if they’d voted to keep him in the house. He admitted that he felt that he might’ve had the chance to flip the house back in his favor, and he thought “it would be a wonderful redemption story.” Hisam shared that, if he’d stayed, “I would’ve been fiercely loyal. I believe in letting bygones be bygones. I believe that people make mistakes. I believe that we can learn from our mistakes and the only way to heal is to forgive.”

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Hisam Goueli Shares If He’d Play Big Brother Again

Hisam Goueli Big Brother Smiling

Hisam was hesitant to say that he’d definitely play Big Brother again. He explained, “I would consider it. It’s a tough experience. It’s a hard game. There’s a lot of sacrifice. It will depend upon where I am in my life. I’ve had this wonderful experience, to be honest with you.” Hisam shared that there could “of course” be a place in which he’d do it again. He added, “I’m up for a new adventure at all times. But that’s also at the expense of what other adventures are out there. And so I will choose the best adventure. Let’s say that.”

Hisam was a fierce competitor right out of the gate, winning the second HOH of the season and two Power of Veto competitions, but his social game was very lacking. He underestimated his own alliance members, and made them feel that he thought that they were inferior to him. This only empowered them, and encouraged Felicia to make an extraordinary game move very early on. Although Hisam might’ve been able to help them win competitions, they felt that they couldn’t trust him after he started trying to make side deals outside of The Professors. It’s all part of the game, but Hisam’s moves became missteps when he became overconfident.

It would’ve been interesting to see how Hisam fared in the Pressure Cooker competition. Perhaps some day he’ll return for another season. Although he became a villain of sorts in the house, he was entertaining to watch and played a great physical and mental game. If Hisam works on his social skills, he could come back as a force to be reckoned with in a future season. He might not feel completely sure about it now, but he should’ve learned by now to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to Big Brother.

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