• Jared has nominated Cameron and Red for eviction.
  • Regardless of the Power of Veto competition, both Cameron and Red cannot stay in the house this week.
  • Cameron worked hard as HOH but may be going home just one week after his impressive performance in the Pressure Cooker competition.

The Big Brother 25 week 5 Head of Household (HOH) Jared Fields has nominated two of his fellow houseguests for eviction: Cameron Hardin and Red Utley. Jared became the HOH after Matt Klotz saved Jag Bains from eviction with the Power of Invincibility, which meant that Cameron didn’t send anyone home during his HOH. Now the tables have turned, and Cameron is on the chopping block with his closest ally, Red, with whom he has a Final 2 alliance called The Chillers.

The Big Brother 25 live feeds revealed that Jared nominated Cameron and Red. Cirie Fields, who is Jared’s mom, explained to Matt Klotz that they nominated Cameron and Red with the intention of making Cameron think that he was safe and that Red was the actual target. They wanted to do this so that Cameron wouldn’t fight hard for the Power of Veto, and they could vote him out instead. This plan was similar to the one that they used when the houseguests backdoored Hisam Goueli during Felicia Cannon’s HOH. If either Cameron or Red were to come off the block, then Jared would nominate America Lopez.

The Outlook Is Bleak For Cameron Hardin & Red Utley

Cameron Hardin Red Utley Big Brother In Sunglasses

Even if Cameron or Red were to win the Power of Veto competition, there’s no way that they can both stay in the house this week, unless a new power is unleashed. However, considering that the Power of Invincibility was already activated last week, this seems highly unlikely. Also, it’ll be very hard for whichever one stays in the Big Brother house to move forward now that they’re on the outside of most of the alliances. The fake alliance, Legend 25, which included Cameron, Red, Cirie, Felicia Cannon, Izzy Gleicher, Matt Klotz, Bowie Jane, and Mecole Hayes is officially over.

It’s a shame that the Power of Invincibility was activated the week of Cameron’s HOH reign because he worked harder than anyone since Big Brother 6 to win his HOH when he won the Pressure Cooker competition. He was just five minutes shy of breaking the 13 hours and 53 minute record that was set during 2005, with a time of 13 hours and 49 minutes. It’s sad that Cameron might be going home just one week after this stunning accomplishment, especially since he didn’t even get to achieve his goal of evicting the houseguest he wanted.

It will also be hard to watch Cameron and Red have to compete against each other for the Power of Veto and to possibly have to campaign against each other if neither is saved from the chopping block. Then again, this is Cameron’s third time being nominated, so, if he survived the other two, maybe he can find a way out of this. Jared and Cirie are underestimating him if they think he won’t fight hard for the Power of Veto. The Big Brother house has been a roller coaster after the Pressure Cooker and the Power of Invincibility. However, the houseguests should always remember to “expect the unexpected.”

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