• Felicia is the new HOH and will have to nominate two houseguests for eviction.
  • Felicia was annoyed by Hisam’s behavior during his HOH week and may want to backdoor him.
  • Hisam made enemies with his harsh speech at the Power of Veto ceremony and is viewed as a competition beast, making him a likely target for Felicia.

The Big Brother 25 live feeds returned after Thursday’s live eviction episode, and the week 3 Head of Household was revealed to be Felicia Cannon. During the show, Reilly Smedley became the second houseguest to be unanimously evicted from the house. It was a hard fall for Reilly, who was the week 1 HOH. The episode ended with a sneak peek of the HOH competition, called “Snot a Winner,” which appeared to be a version of golf, in which the houseguests would have to hit balls into runny noses.

Now the Big Brother live feeds have revealed that Felicia is the week 3 HOH. The feeds also showed that as the HOH winner, Felicia will have to choose which houseguests will get slimed. In addition, as usual, Felicia will have to nominate two houseguests for eviction. She is a member of the Bye Bye B****es alliance, along with Cirie Fields, Izzy Gleicher, Bowie Jane, and Mecole Hayes. Those women are also in the seven-person alliance, The Professors, along with Hisam Goueli and Red Utley.

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Who Will Felicia Target As HOH?

Hisam Goueli from Big Brother 25 wearing dark shirt and smiling against gray background

Although Felicia is in the Professors alliance with Hisam, he could be her target this week. During his HOH reign, several houseguests, including Felicia, Cirie, and Izzy considered betraying Hisam and flipping their votes. They felt that he was steamrolling them and trying to force them to do his bidding. They didn’t like how he spoke over them at their alliance meeting and answered his own questions with the replies he wanted to hear. They ultimately decided to wait to turn on him, stating that they’d let him feel comfortable and then possibly backdoor him the following week. Now their plan to evict Hisam could come to fruition.

Felicia was very annoyed by Hisam’s behavior during his HOH week. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her follow through with a backdoor plan to evict him. He won the first two Power of Veto competitions and the second HOH competition, so, if she nominates him for eviction, he has a great chance of winning the veto. Leaving him off of the chopping block would make it less likely that he’d play for the veto, although his name could be chosen at random. Felicia might decide to choose a different target, but she will most likely keep her Bye Bye B****es alliance safe.

Hisam made many enemies during his HOH reign, especially after his harsh speech at the Power of Veto ceremony, in which he insulted Reilly. Reilly’s friends are sure to want revenge on him, and his alliance is already turning on him. He is also viewed as a competition beast, even though his social game needs to improve. Hisam doesn’t realize it, but he seems like the most likely target for Felicia this week. She could easily nominate two pawns from the other side of the house, and Hisam wouldn’t suspect a thing. It will surely be another very exciting week in the Big Brother 25 house.

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