• Hisam Goueli has won both the Power of Veto competition and the Head of Household competition in back-to-back weeks, proving that older houseguests can be just as competitive as younger ones in Big Brother 25.
  • Hisam has created an alliance called The Professors, consisting of older houseguests, to take control of the house. With Hisam as HOH, The Professors are safe and have the numbers to evict two members of the opposing alliance, Family Style.
  • There is uncertainty about what twists and turns the multiverse may bring, but for now, The Professors are dominating the game and will have the final say in this week’s eviction.

The August 10 Big Brother 25 live eviction episode concluded without a Head of Household (HOH) competition, but the live feeds revealed that Hisam Goueli won the power for week 2. This continues his winning streak after he emerged victorious in the week 1 Power of Veto competition. Week 1 ended with the expulsion of Luke Valentine for using a racial slur and the unanimous eviction of Kirsten Elwin. The episode ended with all of the houseguests missing from the Big Brother house, and a portal appearing in the backyard.

The Big Brother live feeds returned early Friday morning, and showed that Hisam had won the week 2 HOH competition. This means that his seven-person alliance, The Professors, is safe. Hisam created the alliance to bring together the older houseguests. The Professors consists of Hisam (45), Cirie Fields (53), Felicia Cannon (63), Izzy Gleicher (32), Bowie Jane (45), Mecole Hayes (30), and Red Utley (37). Cirie and Jared Fields, who are mother and son, are also secretly working together. However, Jared has now been swept away to the Nether Region. Hisam shared that the HOH competition was down to him and Jared at the end.

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Possible Big Brother 25 Week 2 Eviction Nominees

Reilly Smedley Big Brother 25

Because Hisam won the veto, the eight-person Family Style alliance is in danger of being nominated. It includes Jag Bains, Reilly Smedley, Blue Kim, Cameron Hardin, Matt Klotz, America Lopez, Cory Wurtenberger, and Jared (who will most likely be protected by Cirie). Mecole pointed out that Hisam would’ve been Family Style’s target if he didn’t win HOH. Hisam revealed that Reilly is his number one choice to nominate, followed by Matt or Cameron. He was thinking about nominating Cameron and Reilly. He said that Cameron gave him a weird vibe. Cirie was hopeful that Hisam would backdoor Cameron.

Hisam is on a roll in Big Brother 25, winning back-to-back competitions. He is determined to prove that older houseguests are just as competitive as younger ones, and he’s been successful so far. The Big Brother fan base has aged with the show, so it’s exciting for older viewers to see a powerful alliance made up of people who are over 30 taking control of the house. Hisam is a breath of fresh air.

Big Brother 25 has been full of twists and turns, so there’s no telling if the multiverse will throw a wrench in any of Hisam’s plans. However, it’s certain that two people from Family Style will be nominated for eviction, as Hisam is sure to keep The Professors safe. Even if Family Style wins the veto, The Professors will have the numbers to evict whomever they want this week. As promised, The Professors are taking the younger contestants to school.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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