• Hisam Goueli, a contestant on Big Brother 25, is a 45-year-old geriatric physician and psychiatrist. He is also a cabaret and burlesque performer.
  • Hisam was born in Minneapolis and currently resides in Seattle. He is the son of Egyptian immigrants and identifies as a gay, Arab, Muslim man.
  • Hisam is a strong competitor on Big Brother 25, having won multiple competitions. He helped form The Professors alliance.

Big Brother 25 features 17 houseguests competing for the $750,000 grand prize, and one of those contestants is Hisam Goueli. The Time Laser twist unleashed the multiverse into the house, featuring the BB Comics-verse, the Humili-verse, the Scary-verse, and the Scramble-verse. New twists included the addition of a 17th houseguest, Survivor legend Cirie Fields, who is also the mother of her fellow Big Brother 25 contestant Jared Fields.

In Big Brother 25, another twist was the introduction of the Nether Region, from which the Nether Gorgon emerges and demands the “souls” of the houseguests. Anyone who goes there is affected by a consequence that could be good or bad for their game. Throughout Big Brother 25, Hisam has proven himself to be a fierce competitor, winning the second Head of Household (HOH) and two Power of Veto competitions. Here’s what to know about him.

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Hisam Goueli’s Age

Hisam was born on March 14, 1978, which makes him 45 years old. He is one of the group of nine houseguests who are 30 or older on Big Brother 25. Hisam helped to form The Professors alliance to unite the older houseguests and take the younger ones to school.

Hisam Goueli’s Job

Hisam Goueli from Big Brother 25 wearing dark shirt and smiling against gray background

Hisam is a geriatric physician and psychiatrist, but he planned to tell his fellow houseguests that he’s a certified nursing assistant. He thought if he told people that he was a doctor, he’d be the first houseguest to be evicted. Hisam also ran for the Seattle City Council in 2017, and there was a website called dedicated to his campaign.

At night, Hisam is a cabaret and burlesque performer. In an interview with CityArts, he shared, “My love of performing started early. I loved singing from the very beginning, and this then translated into singing in elementary school choirs. From there on, performing arts have been a part of my life.” Hisam explained that when he finished his medical school training, he “went back to the arts and started auditioning for everything.” That was how he first got involved with burlesque, after exploring improv, circus, and scripted theater.

Hisam Goueli’s Instagram

Hisam Goueli Big Brother 25 Headshot

Hisam can be found on Instagram at @hisam.goueli. His page doesn’t have many posts, but there are a few from before his time on Big Brother 25, including his headshot and a post congratulating his colleagues for winning an award. There are also some recent posts about Hisam’s time on the show, as his account is being updated by someone else while he’s inside the Big Brother house.

Hisam Goueli’s Hometown

Hisam is originally from Minneapolis, MN. He currently resides in Seattle, WA. Hisam is a doctor at Northwest Hospital – University of Washington.

Hisam Goueli’s Family, Ethnicity, Religion, & Sexuality

Hisam Goueli Big Brother Smiling

On Big Brother 25, Hisam described himself as a “confident, gay, Arab, Muslim man who basically is in love with life and wanting to explore all of its possibilities.” CityArts revealed that he is the son of Egyptian immigrants. He explained, “They were immigrants and really wanted doctors, lawyers, businessmen and engineers. Growing up in a religious household, I followed what my parents asked of me.”

However, Hisam’s parents also helped him begin his stage career. They wanted to help Hisam and his brothers grow, so they took them to the auditions for the Metropolitan Boy’s Choir of Minneapolis. They paid for it through fundraising coupon books because, as Hisam revealed, they “didn’t have any money.” Both he and his brother were accepted. Hisam said that it was the beginning of his lifelong passion for performing.

Hisam is a mult-faceted person with a very interesting life. Because of this, he makes an ideal Big Brother houseguest. He’s also very competitive with a fire to win, and he has already proven himself to be a fighter in the game. Hisam is definitely one to watch on Big Brother 25.

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