Finding the appropriate team comp for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail can be somewhat troubling if players are struggling with finding the correct characters and understanding their respective roles. The new 5-star character follows the Path of The Erudition, which means his specialty is dealing damage to multiple enemies at once with AoE attacks. He uses Lightning, which compensates for the lack of more characters with the Element.


If players are lucky enough to beat the odds and obtain Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail’s Warp system, they will need to build a team around him. Their tasks will be to support and protect him, as well as contribute to the overall team damage output. Jing Yuan is held as a powerful DPS character, so he should be the main piece in a team comp.

How To Build A Team For Jing Yuan

Honkai Star Rail's Jing Yuan character sits on the ground while supporting his left arm on his white lion and resting his head on his left hand. A lot of smoke surrounds them.

Because Jing Yuan is a DPS, the rest of the team will let him be the main source of damage. His party will need a support character to either buff his abilities or debuff the enemies, a sub-DPS to contribute to the damage output and serve as a steady DPS in case Jing Yuan is somehow incapacitated, and a damage mitigator. This last role in Jing Yuan’s Honkai: Star Rail team comp can either be occupied by a healer or a shielder.

The choice of a healer or shielder ultimately depends on the available characters that players have and their own playstyle preference when battling in Honkai: Star Rail.

This type of structure is the general rule of thumb for most team comps Honkai: Star Rail, but it is even more relevant if players are planning to use Jing Yuan. Of course, this is highly customizable and should be adapted to what players have and are comfortable using. There are, luckily, multiple characters that fit each of these roles in the game, so it should not be too difficult to build a team for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail.

Best Support For Jing Yuan’s Team Comp

Tingyun uses her Ultimate ability in Honkai Star Rail gold screen holding two bells

When looking for the best support character to use in Jing Yuan’s team comp in Honkai: Star Rail, the ideal heroes are those that can boost his ATK stat and DMG output. Characters capable of forwarding his turn are also welcome, as this can see him act more than once in a single round. For this role, players should consider using Tingyun. The 4-star Harmony hero from the Xianzhou Luofu is one of the best characters in Honkai: Star Rail and can significantly increase Jing Yuan’s performance.

With her Skill, she increases his ATK by 25%, up to 15% of her own ATK stat. Additionally, this move makes the buffed character deal extra Lightning DMG equal to 20% of their ATK. Her Ultimate also regenerates 50 Energy for an ally and increases their DMG by 20% for two turns. Honkai: Star Rail‘s Tingyun is a stupendous support character to use in Jing Yuan’s team comp and can help him with impressive buffs while also contributing with her own Lightning DMG to inflict Weakness Break.

For battles in which the opponent is weak against Lightning DMG, having Tingyun paired up with Jing Yuan is vital.

Another good support character to use in the team comp for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail is Bronya. Although she synergizes perfectly with Seele, the Harmony hero is also a good addition to his team. With her Skill, Jing Yuan’s action can be forwarded immediately, which comes accompanied by a 33% DMG increase. Her occasional Ultimate will increase all allies’ ATK stats by 33%, and boost their CRIT DMG equal to 12% of Bronya’s CRIT DMG plus 12% for two turns.

Having Bronya in Jing Yuan’s team is also a good way of increasing elemental variety. Although support characters are not focused on attacking and dealing damage, their offensive abilities will often be used, and can significantly contribute to the team’s progress in certain fights. A F2P (free-to-play) option that operates similarly to Tingyun is Asta. The Fire character also follows the Path of Harmony and can increase Jing Yuan’s ATK stat while maintaining that elemental variety. Players can check the best team comps for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail in the table below:

Best Team Comps For Jing Yuan


  • Tingyun (Premium – Lightning)
  • Bronya (Premium – Wind)
  • Asta (F2P – Fire)


  • Seele (Premium – Quantum)
  • Welt (Premium – Imaginary)
  • Any single-target DPS works


  • Bailu (Premium – Lightning)
  • Natasha (F2P – Physical)


  • Gepard (Ice)
  • Preservation Trailblazer (F2P – Fire)
  • March 7th (F2P – Ice)

Best Sub-DPS For Jing Yuan’s Team Comp

Honkai Star Rail's Welt poses extending his hand toward the camera, while he holds his cane in the other hand. A mysterious man, likely Luocha, walks with his back turned toward the camera, in the distance. There are fragments of broken mirrors around Welt.

Choosing a secondary source of damage for Jing Yuan’s team can be tricky due to the outstanding number of choices that players can pick from. The main rule is that the sub-DPS in this Honkai: Star Rail team comp has a high damage output and, ideally, does not deal Lightning DMG. The best DPS character at the moment is Seele, so using her for individual damage output can be a great way of quickly disposing enemy teams and melting through bosses. In fact, with her, Jing Yuan nearly becomes a sub-DPS himself and that is not a problem whatsoever.

Alternatively, players can use a Nihility character like Welt to not only deal damage, but act as a secondary support in Jing Yuan’s team. With Welt, players can Slow and Imprison opponents, while also increasing their vulnerability to damage. This is a great way of optimizing Jing Yuan’s presence on the field while still using a sub-DPS that deals a good amount of damage. Any well-built Destruction or Hunt character in Honkai: Star Rail can occupy this slot and, depending on their stats, even Nihility heroes can be considered.

Players are also allowed to use a second Erudition character as a sub-DPS, though it is most recommended to have a strong single-target striker in the team to strategically take advantage of Jing Yuan’s AoE abilities.

Best Healer Or Shielder For Jing Yuan’s Team Comp

Bailu's official Honkai: Star Rail splash art, where she is swimming among coral and tropical fish.

The last slot to fill in Jing Yuan’s team is that of either a healer or a shielder. Using healers is a safer way to guarantee that the team survives, as they can not only heal but remove any potential debuffs that party members may suffer. The best healer in the game so far is Bailu. The only downside is that she also uses Lightning, so if players are already using Tingyun as a support, that may negatively affect a few battles in which opponents are not weak against the Element in Honkai: Star Rail.

Once he is added to the game, players can consider using Luocha, which is a strong healer and uses Imaginary DMG.

If players do not have Bailu or do not want to use her due to the repetition of Elements in a single team comp, an alternative is using Natasha. Although she is not a top-tier healer, she can get the job done consistently, while also removing debuffs. Natasha is also a F2P option and brings elemental variety to Jing Yuan’s party with Physical DMG in Honkai: Star Rail.

In case the preference is for a shielder instead of a healer, the go-to character at the moment is Gepard. He is the most solid Preservation character so far and will do a great job at protecting Jing Yuan and his team comp in Honkai: Star Rail. Gepard also contributes with his Ice DMG and has a chance of inflicting Freeze on opponents, which can further help with the team’s performance. Alternatively, players can employ Trailblazer (Fire) in Honkai: Star Rail.

The second form of the main character grants a moderate amount of shields but compensates for less protection by attracting enemy attention. They essentially become a one-person tank that allows team members to attack safely. The fact that they use Fire is also helpful in the party’s elemental variety. Of course, players can always use March 7th, but the Preservation form of the Trailblazer is a much better shielder for Jing Yuan’s team.

Even the Trailblazer (Fire)’s Basic ATK can shield the rest of the party, so they can keep everyone protected every turn without using skill points.

Building a team for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail is not too difficult, as there are many options for each of the roles that have to be completed. Even the roles themselves are flexible – a sub-DPS can be chosen from nearly four different Paths, and damage mitigation is completely up to the player and what they prefer. The only rule for players who obtain Jing Yuan is that they allow him to perform his damage-dealing duty in Honkai: Star Rail.

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