Griffith has been undoubtedly positioned and even referred to as some type of godlike savior in Berserk, especially after the Eclipse. Earlier chapters in the manga actually give his ascension particular characteristics that some religious sects apply to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Even before Griffith became a demon, many members of his Band of the Hawk would remark on how his exploits almost made him more than human. Some also attributed his aspirations the same way. Griffith’s eventual transformation into Femto cemented his status as a godlike figure, both as a wrathful deity who exercised his power to mistreat mortals as he wished, and as a leader who reigned over the demonic race as the fifth member of the God Hand.

Griffith changed dramatically in Berserk, espousing the morals that a savior of humanity would. His endeavors eventually compelled mankind to refer to him as the Hawk of Light. He even reached the status as both a savior of humanity and demonkind when he later proclaimed his intentions of creating a world where man and demons could live together in harmony and peace. Then there’s the overly conspicuous employment of Biblical language throughout Berserk, like the Apostles and sacrifice.

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Apostles Could Go To a “Hell” in Berserk

The Apostle Wyald says he'll be inside that vortex forever if he dies in Berserk chapter 68

Although some parallels to Christianity can be made in these cases, none of them have ever been that concrete unless fans read chapter 68 of the Berserk manga. In the chapter, the mortally injured Apostle Wyald realizes that if he dies, he would be inside that vortex forever and pleads to a still-human Griffith to use the Egg of the King to summon the God Hand, which is implied will save him from such a fate.

As readers know, Griffith using the Egg of the King to summon the God Hand set the stage for the Eclipse. Another way to interpret Wyald’s words is Wyald pleading Griffith to make the sacrifice so he won’t be forced to exist inside this vortex. Although not much is known about the vortex, the thought of being stuck inside it is horrific to Wyald as he desperately seeks for an alternative. It could be interpreted as a type of hell for demon. This dynamic shares a shocking similarity to how many sects of Christianity perceive Jesus’ crucifixion as him dying for humanity’s sins. Without his sacrifice, no one would have been able to attain eternal life in heaven. Berserk‘s Apostles are no longer damned to the vortex because Griffith sacrificed his humanity, similar to how Jesus died on the cross to save humanity from eternal damnation.

Griffith Is Bringing Heaven To Earth

Griffith the Hawk Of Light Pontiff Berserk vertical

Of course, Christianity depicts Jesus’ sacrifice as completely selfless as opposed to what Griffith did, but Griffith still needed to sacrifice his humanity – which was no simple task for him. Jesus didn’t have to condemn anyone, unlike Griffith. Ironically, Griffith’s later actions after taking the form of a human are chillingly aligned with what some Christians interpret as Jesus’ endgame, which is bringing heaven on Earth, as opposed to the rapture. The fact that Griffith has followers called Apostles in Berserk only strengthens this very controversial parallel.

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