• Ashton Pienaar’s life changed after his time on Below Deck, and he now works as a fitness coach with his company AP Elite.
  • Ashton realized he had a drinking problem after watching himself on the show and chose to become sober, celebrating his first year of sobriety in 2021.
  • Ashton is focused on self-improvement and wants to be a better person, aiming to become “a brother to look up to and a son to be proud of.”

Ashton Pienaar joined the cast of Below Deck seasons 6 and 7, and he has completely changed his life. During his first season on the Bravo series, Ashton was one of the deckhands and was promoted to bosun in his second season. In the beginning, Ashton was more likable on Below Deck – especially after his near-death experience when his foot got caught in a tow-line and dragged into the water. Luckily, a cameraman was standing by and jumped into the ocean to save him.

However, Ashton Pienaar didn’t have the same luck the following season. The fans started to turn on the bosun when he began drinking heavily on the nights out. In fact, throughout the season, Ashton targeted chief stew Kate Chastain and belligerently lashed out at her. As a result of his anger, he punched the inside of the van door while on their way back to their mega-yacht, Valor. Ashton was never asked to join the Bravo series again, with Captain claiming he wouldn’t work with him again.

Ashton Is A Fitness Influencer Post-Below Deck

Since leaving the Bravo series after season 7, Ashton Pienaar has started taking up fitness coaching with his company AP Elite. According to Ashton’s Instagram page, titled The Yo-Yo Diet Recovery Coach, he works as a trainer and helps people worldwide eat healthier and stay on track with their exercise routine. He started the company shortly after his last season of Below Deck ended, as he felt the need to improve himself. For example, in the season 7 reunion, he expressed remorse regarding how he treated Kate and his deckhand, Rhylee Gerber.

Ashton Became Sober After Below Deck

After watching the season’s episodes, Ashton realized he had a heavy drinking problem. Shortly before the reunion, he decided to become sober. In 2021, the fitness guru celebrated his first full year of sobriety. The yachtie added that the decision to appear on Below Deck initially “was an easy decision” for him as he “was 100% confident in the person” he was at the time. After going through a near-death experience on the yacht, Ashton returned for another season and became the person he never wanted to be. Now that he is over two years sober, Ashton is working towards becoming “a brother to look up to and a son to be proud of.”

Since then, Ashton has focused on his health and fitness while helping others in that department. His Below Deck days may be behind him, but Ashton is looking forward to a future as a better man. Maybe Captain Lee will consider giving Ashton a second chance at redemption.

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