• Margot Sisson, a stewardess on Below Deck Down Under, faced a sexual harassment incident with Bosun Luke Jones, who was promptly fired by Captain Jason Chambers.
  • Margot, who is turning 29 on August 28, has a few years of yachting experience and joined Aesha Scott’s interior crew on the show. She loves exploring new cities and watching Bravo during her off time.
  • Margot is from Seattle, Washington, according to her BravoTV bio, but she previously mentioned being from Wisconsin on the show. She used to work for Amazon before pursuing a career in yachting.

Margot Sisson from Below Deck Down Under made heads turn thanks to her cheerful personality in season 2, but she has recently been in the news for different reasons. The Bravo reality TV show is currently following the personal and professional lives of the crew, including the stewardesses and deckhands, aboard the 167-foot conversion superyacht Northern Sun. Margot became the third stewardess to join the season. Margot was involved in a sexual harassment incident with a cast member.

Bosun Luke Jones was found trying to be inappropriate towards Margot when he was found naked in her bunk while Margot was passed out. Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott stepped in to help shield Margot from the situation. She informed Margot about Luke trying to make an advance on her while Margot was unconscious. Captain Jason Chambers promptly fired Luke the next morning. Margot has since thanked Aesha for her heroic deed and the producers who stepped in to deal with the situation.

Margot Sisson’s Age

Margot Sisson Below Deck Down Under wearing uniform smiling on deck

As per her BravoTV bio, Margot was born on August 28. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. In just a few days, Margot will turn 29 years old (via CelebsWeek). She had a few years of yachting experience before joining the reality TV show. Margot joined Aesha’s short-handed interior crew after her passion for traveling piqued her interest in the yachting industry. “I’ve always been really insecure. I literally always think I’m doing a bad job,” Margot said on Below Deck Down Under.

Margot Sisson’s Job

Below Deck Down Under Margot Sisson in two images, one with a blue top and one with a white top

Margot works as a stewardess on the Northern Sun Yacht. When she’s not living and working on a yacht, Margot loves to follow her other passions. She is a big fan of exploring new cities. She yearns to find every bakery she “possibly can,” as revealed in her bio. Margot has a connection with the Below Deck franchise from before she joined Below Deck Down Under. She’s worked on a boat with Natasha DeBourg, one of the chefs from Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Her favorite thing to do in her room on the boat during her off time is watching Bravo.

Margot Sisson’s Instagram

Margot’s Instagram handle is @zmargotz. She currently has over 29.4k followers on her page. Margot’s bio doesn’t reveal much about her life, but she does jokingly mention, “Ratatouille should be on every menu.” Margot’s Instagram is a visual diary about her travels, spending wonderful times with her friends, and special moments with her family. Margot talks about her mother being her “beautiful mommy/role model/idol/inspiration/hero/best friend” in one of her older posts. Most of Margot’s photos starting from 2016 are with her boyfriend Ben Winding, to whom she even wrote, “Yes i will marry you” in a post dated June 15, 2019.

Margot Sisson’s Hometown

Margot said she is from Wisconsin on Below Deck Down Under. However, according to her bio on BravoTV, Margot is from Seattle, Washington. Margot is relatively new to the world of yachting. She previously worked for Amazon in a warehouse and used to write descriptions for Amazon products. But she thought the job was mind-numbing, so she decided to go yachting which would allow her to see the world.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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