Erica Rose appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht twice, where she was quickly summed up by viewers through a few choice quotes that came from both the cast and herself. Erica first appeared on the second season of the Bravo reality show, and over the course of three episodes, Erica and her friends had some intense fights and made requests that were almost impossible for the crew to accommodate. The second time she chartered Parsifal III, Erica brought a new group of friends and her husband, and there were fights between the husbands and demands made of the crew that had them constantly run from the dinner table to the galley.

There are a lot of things to know about Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Erica Rose. One of these things is Erica isn’t afraid to call herself out or be critical of her friends. Over the five episodes in which she was featured, Erica did a good job presenting herself authentically and making her demands known. She summed herself up several times throughout her charters, but the cast and crew also described her perfectly during their confessionals. While Erica’s charter has been described as the worst ever, she entertained viewers as they saw the crew pushed to their limits of what they would do for a guest.

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10 “Erica Expects A Higher Level Of Service Than Her Last Charter”

Captain Gary – Season 3, Episode 3

Before she even stepped on the boat, Erica wanted the Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew to know she wasn’t happy with the service she received the first time. One of the harsh realities of rewatching Below Deck is knowing what’s coming when guests book a second charter. Erica wanted an elevated experience for her friends, especially her husband, Charles. As someone who enjoys the finer things, Erica wanted 5-star service, which she felt she didn’t receive the first time. This may be because the crew was caught talking about the guest more than once. Captain Glenn Shephard making the crew aware of Erica’s expectations summed up the level of critique she would apply to the crew.

Erica Rose – Season 3, Episode 3

Erica Rose stand with her mom Cindi in the wheelhouse

Food became a big issue for Erica and the rest of her party while they sailed in the Mediterranean. While always looking for snacks, Erica, the worst Below Deck charter guest, often returned food she didn’t feel was cooked to her liking. She also had Chef Marcos Spaziani change his menu more than once to accommodate her husband’s taste, even though the food didn’t pair well. There are many memes about being a superyacht chef on Below Deck, and they aptly express how Marcos felt during the charter. While wanting to change the menu wasn’t overly complicated, it did show that Erica has specific tastes and isn’t afraid to let them be known.

8 “Yes, That’s Perfect.”

Erica Rose – Season 3, Episode 3

Erica Rose poses on the Below Deck Yacht

While she is not one to shy away from critique, Erica also lets the crew know when she is happy. Throughout all of Erica’s episodes, she says, “Yes, that’s perfect,” to almost every question she is asked about her accommodations. This quote became the magic words for the crew as they tried to make Erica, who apologized for her low tip, happy. Earning a guest’s approval is often very dependent on their personality, especially in reality shows like Below Deck. The only way the trip could be considered perfect was if no changes needed to be made and all requests were fulfilled. This quote shows that Erica likes everything to be in order before she asks for changes.

7 “I Do Not Control Him.”

Erica Rose – Season 3, Episode 4

Erica Rose walking through the Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Erica’s husband, Charles, caused a stir on and off the boat. Things came to a head at the beach picnic when Charles called Erica’s hair stylist a “b***h,” and Erica came to her defense. Erica made sure her friends knew she disagreed with Charles. This summed up how Erica sees her actions as separate from her husband’s and doesn’t want her relationships affected by Charles’s opinions. While Charles thought he was dealing with some of the worst crew members on Below Deck, Erica was generally happy with them. This was also shown when Erica, who called Daisy two-faced, was pleased with the food, but Charles was not.

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6 “I Want To Do As Little As Possible.”

Erica Rose – Season 2, Episode 12

Erica Rose holds a plate looking displeased

Erica made it clear from the moment she stepped on Parsifal III on her first charter that she was there to relax. This meant doing no work whatsoever, including unpacking her suitcases. The Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew accommodated her request but did so without enthusiasm. As a mom and lawyer, Erica has a stressful life and wanted this trip to be her time to relax. This quote also led to a conversation about how she grew up with people unpacking her bags. As her mother, Cindi, mentioned, her daughter was always treated to the finer things in life. This explains some of her expectations for the crew.

5 “I Feel Like There Has To Be Something.”

Erica Rose – Season 2, Episode 12

Erica Rose being introduced to the crew on Below Deck

While there are many behind-the-scenes secrets on Below Deck, every viewer knows that the weather can significantly affect a charter. This was the case for Erica and her friends on their charter in Croatia. When a storm hit, the boat was tossed around by the waves, leaving the guest feeling seasick. As one of the most affected by seasickness, Erica felt the captain and crew weren’t doing enough to keep the boat from rocking. She told first mate Gary King that she felt there had to be something more he could do. This highlighted the level of service Erica expected from the crew. Sadly, this was one request that 5-star service couldn’t accommodate.

4 “These Women Have So Many Belongings.”

Chief Stew Daisy – Season 2, Episode 13

Erica Rose and her friends laugh on the couch

Every time Erica was on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, she brought along many suitcases. These suitcases were filled with everything from beauty products and clothes to hats. The crew had to unpack and pack all of these items and straighten them up when performing housekeeping duties. Several of the best Below Deck deckhands commented on how heavy the bags were while loading them. Daisy Kelliher, the chief steward, noted how much was in Erica’s bags. This showed why Erica was never without outfit options and could dress for any themed party on short notice. Throughout her time on the show, Erica was seen in many different outfits, exemplifying her love of fashion.

3 “It Smells Like Deodorant.”

Erica Rose – Season 2, Episode 13

Erica Rose smiles in Bachelor Bio Photo

This seems like a strange quote for anyone on Below Deck to say. However, Erica has revealed her habit of smelling people on the show more than once. Erica did this with her friends on her first charter and her husband during her second charter. While Erica is considered one of the worst guests to appear on Below Deck, her interesting habit showed she could also be silly. She isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with her friends and family by showing her silly side. Erica showed Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers she isn’t concerned about the opinions of others.

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2 “If Someone Is Talking About My Mom, I Get Really Protective.”

Erica Rose – Season 2, Episode 13

Erica and her mom, Cindi, have a special relationship, as shown in both charters, as Cindi was there for each trip. Cindi made a few requests that the crew wasn’t expecting, causing the Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew to talk badly about her. Unfortunately for them, Erica caught them and became protective of her mom. Her reaction made it clear that Erica would not tolerate her mom being talked about negatively. When she confronted the Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew, she showed her serious side and how much she cares for those closest to her. This quote perfectly sums up Erica’s respect for her mom, even though they sometimes argued on the trips.

1 “Drinking Rosé All Day, Making Sure They Get Their Way.”

Sydney – Season 2, Episode 14

Erica Rose smiling in a pool with a glass of champange

The best Below Deck stewardesses and deckhands will do anything to make their guests happy. In Erica’s case, this meant having the Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew put on a performance for their women’s empowerment segment during her first charter. Luckily for the guest and crew, Below Deck deckhand Sydney Zaruba is a classically trained singer. Erica loved Sydney’s original song and even noted the line about drinking rosé all day was perfect for her and her friends. Erica loves to have a good time and have all of her requests met, just like any other yacht guest. The song was the perfect way to end their charter and summarize the primary guest, Erica.

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