A new Warrior Nun mural has debuted in Barcelona, Spain, another amazing effort by fans of the series to save the show. Netflix cancelled Warrior Nun after season 2 in December 2022, leading to an uprising of fans who want to see the show return. Efforts by fans have transpired both online and in real life, with Warrior Nun creator Simon Barry also supporting attempts to save the show.


Now, Warrior Nun Spain has shared a video of a mural featuring the show’s protagonist, Ava, being painted in Barcelona.

The mural sees Ava’s face surrounded by the Crown of Thorns, “#SaveWarriorNun” written in pink beneath her. The mural is one of many real-world projects set up by fans who want Warrior Nun season 3 to come to fruition.

Warrior Nun Fans Won’t Stop Fighting For Their Show

Ava smiling at Beatrice in Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 8

The mural of Ava in Barcelona is just the most recent effort from Warrior Nun fans to revive the cancelled Netflix series. International billboards for Warrior Nun have been placed in the United States, London, and Italy, advertising the campaign for Warrior Nun season 3. Fans have also taken to Twitter in droves, asking streaming services like Paramount+ and Apple TV+ to continue Warrior Nun where Netflix left off.

Barry’s involvement in the campaign to save Warrior Nun has also been strong. When #SaveWarriorNun reached 10 million posts on Twitter, Barry released a cut scene of Ava and Beatrice in bed from season 2, episode 1, teasing their future romantic relationship. Barry has also addressed the future of Warrior Nun season 3, saying the show might continue as a series, but could also see its story finished in movies, comics, or animation.

While it’s unclear when a Warrior Nun continuation may arrive, passionate fans of the series are still fighting even six months after Netflix cancelled the show. With a new, beautifully-crafted mural of Ava now in Barcelona, it doesn’t seem like fans of Warrior Nun will be stopping anytime soon. The dedication of Warrior Nun fans to save their show is a testament to how important the series is to people around the world.

Source: Warrior Nun Spain/Twitter

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