• Batman’s rogues gallery is getting a new addition in the form of Shush, who is set to put a unique twist on an iconic enemy.
  • The upcoming issue of Batman and Robin introduces Shush, a brand-new villain who manipulates one of Batman’s crime-fighting tools against him.
  • Shush’s appearance raises questions about her relationship to Batman and the potential mystery surrounding her character, offering a chance to breathe new life into the old antagonist.

A new antagonist is getting added to Batman’s rogues gallery, and she is putting a new twist on an iconic enemy. Solicitations and cover art for an upcoming issue of Batman and Robin reveals which villain is receiving an interesting update.

2023 is more than halfway over, and DC Comics is giving fans a look at what it has lined up in the last quarter of the year. Fans of the Dark Knight have a lot to look forward to as DC has plenty of Bat-books to keep fans happy. Not only is the Batman and Catwoman crossover “Gotham War” kicking into high gear, but the second issue of the upcoming Batman and Robin series is coming out.

Introducing Shush. Who does she work for? And how have they turned one of Batman’s greatest tools against him? Urban Jungle continues as the father and son dynamic duo are on the deadly case! But first, Damian must deal with…his first day of school?!

Batman and Robin #2 by Joshua Williamson and Simone Di Meo is introducing a brand-new villain to Gotham. The solicitation calls her Shush and hints that she’s about to cause some major headaches for the Dynamic Duo by manipulating one of Batman’s best crime-fighting tools. Shush is seen on Di Meo’s main cover for the issue, which asks “Who is Shush?“. She also appears on Leirex’s 1:25 variant cover sitting in the rain as she shushes the viewer.

Shush Updates a Classic Batman Villain

Batman and Robin Cover 2 DC

Out of all the heroes in the DC Universe, Batman has one of the largest and most identifiable collections of colorful criminals. One modern addition to the Caped Crusader’s crooked coterie is Hush, aka Tommy Elliot. Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce’s who grew up resenting his pal. As an adult, Elliot took on the criminal identity of Hush and allied himself with the Riddler to ruin Bruce Wayne’s life. The “Hush” arc is considered by many to be a classic Batman storyline and one of the best stories featuring the antagonist.

However, there’s no telling who this new antagonist could be. The solicitation offers little information about her beyond her name and appearance. She does look similar to Hush, aping his bandaged motif along with his criminal moniker. The new Batman and Robin series has yet to drop and chances are the mystery about who Shush is won’t be answered for a while. However, her appearance does raise the question of what her potential relationship is to Batman. Is she simply a fan modeling herself after Thomas Elliot? Or is she someone else from Bruce’s past, ready to destroy everything Batman holds dear?

Shush Could Be Batman’s Next Greatest Mystery

Batman and Robin 2 Variant DC

Despite his prominence in his earliest appearances, Hush hasn’t been featured much in later years. But the introduction of Shush could be a way to pump new life into the old antagonist. Maybe she’s a criminal partner helping Elliot orchestrate things from the shadows. Or maybe she’s an independent villain who thinks she can improve on what Hush set out to do years ago. Whoever Shush is, she gives a long overdue update to Bruce’s old enemy and presents a chance to expand on the villain. Fans will get a chance to meet Shush when she appears in Batman and Robin #2, on sale October 10th, 2023.

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