Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #133!It looks like the newest enemy of the Dark Knight has a power that may give him a terrifying edge over Batman. Red Mask reveals a hidden ability that is certain to give Bruce Wayne trouble down the line.

In Batman #133 by Chip Zdarsky and Mike Hawthorne, Bruce is now fighting back against the corrupt forces that occupy a variant of Gotham City. Donning a new Batsuit, he tracks down a disturbing version of the Riddler, who is in the middle of playing twisted mind games with terrified children. Thankfully, Batman saves the day and sends the demented Riddler straight into the infirmary.

Red Mask Reverse Speed Force DC Comics

Unfortunately, the person tasked with relaying this information is Selina Kyle, who is working for the mysterious warden of Arkham Asylum, Red Mask. As Selina begins to question Red Mask’s motives and his use of children in his experiments, the man strikes at Selina. But as he pummels her, he moves at speeds faster than any normal man. And as he moves, he leaves a distinct trail of red crackling energy, evoking the crimson lightning left in the wake of the Flash’s nemesis, the Reverse-Flash.

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Bruce’s Newest Enemy is a Speedster

The Red Mask DC Comics

There’s a lot that’s still unknown about Batman’s newest enemy. After being shot by Failsafe with the Toyman’s gun, Batman was transported to another Earth with an even more dire version of Gotham. It’s ruling authority is Arkham Asylum, and Red Mask runs the city with an iron fist, finding any excuse to diagnose people and have them locked away. As is his name, Red Mask is never seen without his facial covering, leading fans to speculate on whom the person running this nightmare world could be.

This new display of power from the Red Mask is one of the biggest hints as to who is under his unique costume. Red lightning trails are uniquely tied to the Reverse-Flash and his Reverse Speed Force. Not to mention that Eobard Thawne, one of the most psychotic maniacs to ever bear the villainous moniker, began hating the Waynes nearly as much as he hates the Allens after he was killed by Thomas Wayne during Flashpoint. Thawne has even directly attacked Bruce when the Reverse-Flash broke into the Batcave, nearly killing the hero. If Thawne is actually the one posing as Red Mask, then Batman may be in more trouble than he realizes.

Batman Struggles Against Speed Powers

Reverse-Flash vs Batman DC Comics

Batman may be one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, but even he has his limits and speedsters are one of them. Whether Red Mask is actually Thawne or another version of Reverse-Flash remains to be seen, but the truth is that any speedster may be too much for Bruce to take on (especially since Bruce has been running ragged since his bout with Failsafe). Batman may be able to design weapons to counter villains like Reverse-Flash, but as long as Bruce is stranded in this Gotham, he’s got little to protect him against his new speedster antagonist. Fans can see Bruce’s new problem themselves in Batman #133, on sale now.

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