The scary bat-themed hero, Batman, and the murderous symbiote psychopath, Carnage, are terrifying characters in their own brutal ways, with a new cosplay uniting the two to create something made out of the stuff of nightmares.

Posted on Instagram by the infinitely talented @batsturd, this is far from the first time this cosplayer has created homemade costumes that look as professional as they are uniquely designed.


Often dressing as The Dark Knight while remixing Batman’s iconic look as he sees fit, @batsturd also finds success in cosplaying as the X-Men’s feral mutant member, Wolverine, and even DC’s Main Man, Lobo, with this Batman x Carnage redesign following in their footsteps as cosplays of similar high quality and creation.

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Batman and Carnage Unite In Merged DC/Marvel Cosplay Redesign

From Batman scaring criminals half to death before he even touches them to Carnage straight up killing people after terrorizing them in countless different ways, giving these two a combined redesign not only makes sense from a scare-factor perspective, but with their already iconic character designs, from a visual standpoint as well. Technically having crossed paths during Batman’s brief stint with Spider-Man in 1995’s Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds, by J.M. DeMatteis and Mark Bagley, this merged look is the first time the Carnage symbiote has used Batman as a host, and yes, it’s exactly as badass and terrifying as it sounds.

Looking downright demonic in the first photo, @batsturd nails the look and tone of a character that shares the DNA of both Batman and Carnage. Using his previous Batman x Spawn cosplay design as a base, @batsturd improves on this already epic costume by adding some symbiote tendril-like textures to a batsuit that’s painted a perfect shade of blood-red crimson. Looking more like a photo op for “Best Hybrid Hero Monthly” in the next post, @batsturd’s black-colored accents, creature-like hands, whited-out eyes, and full mask cowl pop a bit more as he stands ready to either apprehend the latest evildoer on the street or, if Carnage is in control, eat him alive, completing a remixed design that needs to become canon in one comic world or the other.

So while it’s unlikely fans will see these greats go at it again on the page, let alone see them merge into a single character anytime soon, @batsturd shows fans what could be in store if they end up meeting again. Batman x Carnage is a wildly inspired design to see come to life, so be sure to put a follow on @batsturd’s page for more cosplay goodness!

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