Warning! Spoilers ahead for Spirit World #1!One of the most skilled Batgirls has just gotten an amazing new costume for her dramatic new journey in the land of the dead. Cassandra Cain’s new outfit might just be the one thing that keeps her safe in the Spirit World.


In Spirit World #1 by Alyssa Wong and Haining, spirit envoy Xanthe Zhou and John Constantine are working together in Gotham trying to figure out a way to rescue Batgirl, who fell through a portal and is now trapped in the Spirit World. Xanthe notes that living beings don’t last long in the realm of the dead, as the spirits are instinctively drawn to life force.

Cassandra Cain Escaping Demons DC Comics

Xanthe is correct as Cassandra is pursued all across the Spirit World, every ghost and supernatural creature trying to get a bite of her. Fortunately, she’s offered shelter by two kindly residents, Po Po and Bowen. Po Po gives Cassandra tea that helps dampen her aura to help her pass in the Spirit World. Po Po also fashions a new costume for Batgirl, saying her old smells too much like the living. Cassandra’s new outfit is made from material manifested in the Spirit World, allowing her to evade detection from spirits.

Batgirl’s New Costume is Ghost-Proof

Batgirl Cassandra Cain New Outfit DC Comics

Batgirl’s journey to the Spirit World began in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1’s short “The Envoy”. The storm of Lazarus resin caused the barrier between the living and dead worlds to fracture, sending evil spirits to Earth. Cassandra and Xanthe fought the wraiths back along with John Constantine, and though they managed to quell a number of disturbed spirits, they were overwhelmed when a massive group of ghosts known as a Collective attacked. Xanthe managed to banish the Collective back to the Spirit World, but it ensnared Batgirl, taking her with it.

Anyone else wouldn’t survive a minute in the Spirit World and would likely be gobbled up by some supernatural threat. But Cassandra is one of, if not the Bat-Family’s best fighter. She’s also incredibly stealthy, having been trained since birth by the world’s deadliest assassins. But as a living in the world of the dead, even someone who excels in her craft like Batgirl can only last so long. However, Cassandra’s new outfit will go a long way in helping her stay alive.

Batgirl’s Stealth Just Got a Supernatural Upgrade

Cassandra Cain New Costume 2 DC Comics

Batgirl has encountered the supernatural before, but now, she’s trapped in a territory where she has few advantages. It won’t be enough for her to simply use the skills she’s picked up from her many trainers. However, with a costume like the one Po Po has given her, she stands a fighting chance. If the outfit can reduce the number of spirits that can detect Batgirl, she can hopefully survive long enough for Xanthe and Constantine to break her out and get Cassandra back to Gotham. Fans can see Batgirl’s new costume in Spirit World #1, on sale now.

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