Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Barry season 3!After Barry season 3’s cliffhanger ending, many viewers are clamoring for details on the new season of Barry. The series follows the titular hitman Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) trying to balance his criminal background with his personal life and acting career. Although Barry seems to have it handled in season 1, his killing of Detective Janice Moss sets off a series of events involving his former boss Fuches (Stephen Root) and his former acting teacher Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) that haunt him throughout season 2 and season 3. Barry season 4 will pick up where the third season left off.


Barry season 3 finally shows Barry’s life falling apart, with him losing his girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg), Cousineau discovering that he killed Detective Moss, Fuches hunting him down, and Barry having violent visions due to his worsening mental health. After an almost three-year wait, Barry season 3 finally arrived in April 2022, giving viewers another tight eight-episode season. Thankfully, season 4 is on the way.

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Barry Season 4 Latest News

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Is Barry over? No – not yet, at least – not only is Barry season 4 on the way, but series star and co-creator Bill Hader has also announced that it will be the last season of the hit dark comedy. In addition, the teaser trailer and poster for the new season of Barry show that he will be facing trouble in prison.

Barry Season 4 Release Date Confirmed

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The confirmed release date of the new season of Barry is April 16, 2023. The Barry season 4 release date was made official alongside the release of the teaser trailer and poster. It will be another eight episode season, with Hader directing each installment (via Deadline) and the finale airs on May 28, 2023.

Barry Season 4 Cast: Who Will Return?

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The entire Barry season 3 cast is set to return in the new season of Barry, including Bill Hader (Barry Berkman), Sarah Goldberg (Sally Reed), Henry Winkler (Gene Cousineau), Anthony Carrigan (NoHo Hank), and Stephen Root (Monroe Fuches). Barry season 3 newcomer James Hiroyuki Liao (Albert Nguyen) will also return to be a part of the Barry season 4 cast. On top of that, Barry season 3 saw some deceased characters from Barry’s past make cameo appearances in a vision, and with Barry’s mental health constantly worsening, it is always possible that more of these characters could reappear.

Barry Season 4: Story Details

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Barry season 3 featured many storylines that weren’t wrapped up, meaning that the Barry season 4 story has a lot of ground to cover. For starters, the new season of Barry is bound to cover his arrest in the Barry season 3 finale. Although Barry tried to earn Cousineau’s forgiveness throughout the season, it ended with Cousineau tricking Barry into attempting to assassinate Jim Moss, leading to Barry’s arrest. Barry season 4 will undoubtedly continue their story.

Related: Barry Season 3 Ending Explained (In Detail)On top of that, Fuches is also in prison due to a setup by Jim Moss, leading to the possibility that Barry and Fuches will meet behind bars. Sally has fled to Joplin after killing a man who was after Barry, and NoHo Hank is similarly on the run from the Bolivian mob after wiping them out and rescuing his boyfriend, Cristobal, from conversion therapy. Despite his deplorable actions, Barry has held it together – but it’s all starting to fall apart, meaning that Barry season 4 will finally make Barry pay for his criminal life.

Is The New Season Of Barry Also The Finale?

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Is Barry over? Barry star and co-creator Bill Hader has indeed confirmed that the new season of Barry is also the last. According to showrunners Hader and Alec Berg, they realized that “a very clear ending presented itself” in the fourth season. While Barry ending with season 4 will definitely leave audiences wanting more, long-time viewers can at least rest assured that the decision wasn’t made lightly, and that it simply aligns with the vision that the creators have for their show.

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