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Near the end of Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3, your party will travel deep beneath the Moonrise Towers into a Necrotic Laboratory, with a Flesh-Wrought Door blocking the way forward unless you solve a puzzle. A fragmented mind calls out to you, offering a path forward if you connect the pieces of its shattered consciousness. Fixing the brain leads to a path deeper into this Mind Flayer chamber, revealing secrets and rewards.

Once you reach the Necrotic Laboratory, interact with a console in front of a large red pit to communicate with the splintered mind. From here, you can manipulate the mind by creating a neural network across a series of nodes. Like the Silent Library puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3, you cannot use magic to give yourself any advantages or clues that would make this challenge any easier.

Baldur's Gate 3 Connecting Nodes on Neural Network to Solve Mind Link Necrotic Laboratory Puzzle

To solve the Mind Link puzzle in the Necrotic Lab, you must connect four primary nodes along a neural path without breaking each other’s network. The starting nodes have a specific shape in Baldur’s Gate 3 and are divided into different colors. Reason (purple), Speech (blue), Memory (green), and Emotion (yellow) all have to go from their beginning node to another dot at the end of the neurons that match.

Selecting a node activates the line connecting multiple spots if you selected one of the starting “brains” first. Make sure to create an uninterrupted line of the same color from one starting node to its endpoint. Do this four times with all color pathways by using the edges of the network to leave enough space for every route you could join in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Rewards For Solving The Necrotic Laboratory Puzzle

Baldur's Gate 3 Desecrated Wall with Lore as Part of Rewards for Solving the Necrotic Laboratory Puzzle

Solving the Necrotic Laboratory puzzle unlocks the Flesh-Wrought door, unveiling more about the hidden plans of the Mind Flayers. If the companion Lae’Zel in Baldur’s Gate 3 is in your party, she’ll have a better idea about the future plans of the brain-eating monsters. Three other rewards can be picked up here as loot, including the Blade of Oppressed Souls, the Braindrain Gloves, and Circlet of Mental Anguish.

The Blade of Oppressed Souls is a magic weapon, a +1 Longsword that deals 1d10 Slashing damage and 1d4 Psychic damage when hitting an enemy. The Braindrain Gloves have a trait called Mental Interference, which inflicts the Mental Fatigue condition for two turns on an enemy whenever you deal Psychic damage. These two items pair well together to consistently deal with this status effect during battles in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Mental Fatigue is a condition that gives a character a -1 penalty to Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom, Saving Throws for every turn the affliction is active.

The final item, the Circlet of Mental Anguish, is a rare artifact that lets you regain Hit Points when an enemy fails a Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom saving throw against one of your spells. This gear can be perfect for spell caster classes who struggle with low health in fights. Those who solve the Necrotic Laboratory puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3 have a great chance to use the rewards as powerful tools to take down foes.

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    Baldur’s Gate 3 is a long-anticipated sequel to Baldur’s Gate 2, released in 2000 from BioWare and now being handled by Larian Studios. Set 120 years after the events of Shadows of Amn, Baldur’s Gate 3 puts players in the role of a customizable protagonist who has been captured and infected with a parasite that will turn them into a mind flayer. Before the process is complete, the ship they are on crashes, leaving them on a quest to cure themselves as they meet up with other survivors. Gameplay is turn-based and can be played co-operatively online or tackled alone in a single-player campaign with NPC allies. 

    How Long To Beat:
    22h 21m

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