Many of the puzzles to solve in Baldur’s Gate 3 have you interact with the world, but The Chamber of Insight asks your character to figure out who can be trusted by a group of ghosts. As the area’s name suggests, your character will be tested on their ability to learn about other people. While you can search for clues, it’s ultimately up to your judgment to determine which spirit is the “enemy of the city.”

The Chamber of Insight is found within the Wyrmway, a location that serves as a part of Wyrm’s Rock on Baldur’s Gate 3‘s world map. Going into Wyrm’s Rock Prison shows a different puzzle leading into the Wyrmway itself. Before reaching the chasm at the end of the tunnels that overlook the Insight room, you must complete challenges in the Chamber of Strategy and the Chamber of Courage.

The Chamber of Insight Puzzle Solution in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Baldur's Gate 3 Statue of Balduran in Chamber of Insight to Give Puzzle

When you enter the chamber, you can interact with the statue of Balduran to reveal the three ghosts, Suleto, Amaps, and Stedd, one of which you must attack to strike down the “enemy of the city.” Even if you cannot talk to each ghost and learn their stories, a library is nearby with information about those on trial. However, the books in the library are flying, leading to a new problem.

Either throw a random object from your inventory at these books or throw any book after examining it with a high enough Athletics check. Be careful here, as throwing a weapon at a book could destroy it forever, robbing you of important context surrounding the ghosts. Like the Riddle of the Night puzzle, the answer lies very plainly in the pages once you get your hands on at least one Tome.

Companions with a high Strength Ability Score, like Karlach or Lae’Zel, are useful to have in your party here since their Athletics will likely be strong enough to pin down some flying books. You can also equip armor such as Metallic Boots that provide a +1 Athletics bonus to your character.

Reading the books in the library reveals that Suleto was exiled from the city, becoming a cruel and evil person that would be considered an “enemy.” Return to the Balduran statue and hit Suleto with a spell or physical attack to end the puzzle with the correct answer.

Although you could easily look up which of the three was a traitor to solve the Chamber of Insight puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3 without exploring the library, but where’s the fun in that?

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