Photos from the Atlanta set of the upcoming Bad Boys 4 reveal a potentially dramatic scene where Will Smith approaches Martin Lawrence on a rooftop.

Bad Boys 4 set photos have revealed a thrilling new scene from the upcoming film. The project will be the fourth entry in the Bad Boys franchise which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as mismatched best friends and Miami detectives. It follows 2020’s Bad Boys for Life, which opened in January 2020 and surprisingly became the highest-grossing film in the U.S. for the year following COVID-19 related theater closures in March.


The Instagram account atlanta_filming has shared a collection of new photos from the set of the Bad Boys sequel. The photos appear to show Mike arriving on the rooftop while Marcus looks over the edge, potentially contemplating jumping. A closer look at the scene reveals that Martin Lawrence is wearing a hospital gown, so he may be recovering from injuries incurred over the course of the film. Check out three different views of the scene below:

How Does This Scene Fit Into the Plot of Bad Boys 4?

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys for Life

This glimpse at the ongoing filming of the currently untitled Bad Boys 4 raises many questions about the plot of the film. So far, not many details have been revealed beyond the fact that the leads will be returning. Other characters from the Bad Boys for Life cast will be returning, including Paola Núñez as Captain Rita Secada, Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly, and Alexander Ludwig as Dorn, all three of whom are members of the elite team Advanced Miami Metro Operations or AMMO.

It seems probable that this scene is a largely comic moment involving Mike convincing Marcus to commit to a mission he doesn’t feel prepared for. It has potential dramatic consequences if Marcus is in the hospital for a more serious life-threatening illness rather than an injury. However, it seems more likely that his hospitalization is somehow related to the film’s new villain, played by Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane.

It is unclear where this Bad Boys 4 scene exists on the timeline of the new film. However, there seem to be two primary moments where this scene could be placed. It is likely either in the first ten minutes when Marcus needs to be brought back into the fold or right at the beginning of the third act before the team gets together to take down the villain.

Source: atlanta_filming/Instagram

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