A Star Wars cosplayer has created an original Sith Zabrak character in stunning detail, bringing to life a female member of Darth Maul’s species.

A Star Wars cosplayer has created an original Sith Zabrak character fashioned after Darth Maul’s species. Hailing from Dathomir in canon and Iridonia in Legends, Maul’s Zabrak race was a group of warrior males first introduced through the Sith Lord in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Other Zabraks have been featured in Star Wars since, including Maul’s brother Savage Opress, Jedi Masters Agen Kolar and Eeth Koth, and numerous bounty hunters.


Cosplayer unknownasajj took to Instagram to share an original Sith Zabrak she created.

After some consideration, the cosplayer settled on the name Darth Zakaj for the OC, noting that the Sith warrior hails from Iridonia. The cosplay is a detailed look at how a female Zabrak would appear in Star Wars.

There’s Room For More Dark Side Zabraks In Star Wars

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Maul's lightsabers clash in The Clone Wars

Maul’s story may be nearly complete in Star Wars, but there’s plenty of room for more of his kind to join the dark side. Zabraks are generally dark, as the natives of Dathomir are the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers – the latter of whom serve as underlings in that society. The Zabak Nightsisters don’t have the trademark horns that Maul and his brothers are known for, but they’re equally powerful through use of magick.

The cosplayer’s OC is a unique interpretation of Maul’s warrior race, as a female Zabrak has never been seen in live-action before. Only a few are known to exist with horns in canon – the bounty hunter Sugi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and her niece Jas Emari from Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy. Expanding the lore by bringing a female Zabrak Sith into the fold would create both a memorable Star Wars villain and add something new to the franchise.

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