John Diggle’s Arrowverse spin-off show, Justice U, has officially been canceled by The CW after years of development hell. The CW is slowly putting an end to their superhero properties, with The Flash season 9 ending its run this month, while Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights’ fates have yet to be determined. However, one DC TV project that has been up in the air is Justice U, which was set to be headlined by David Ramsey as Arrow’s Diggle.


As the TV Upfronts were happening this week, The CW gave updates on various projects that are either going forward or getting cancelled. According to TV Line, The CW’s new President of Entertainment, Brad Schwartz, confirmed that Diggle’s Arrowverse spin-off show, Justice U, along with Powerpuff and the female-focused Zorro drama, are officially not moving forward. Per TVLine, there is no word yet if Justice U or any of the other shows will be shopped around to other platforms. For now, Schwartz stated that their respective studios have the option to re-develop or sell them elsewhere.

We’ve already given those back to the studios, so they’re free to develop those and sell them anywhere.

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Everything We Know About Diggle’s Cancelled Arrowverse Spin-Off

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Justice U was first put into development back in January 2022, right before it was revealed that WarnerMedia and Paramount were looking to sell the network, leading to Nexstar acquiring it later on. The premiere was going to follow Diggle years after fighting side-by-side with other superheroes. Justice U would have Diggle start a new chapter in his life by recruiting five young meta-humans on a special mission.

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Diggle would guide these five metahumans who would go undercover as freshmen students at a “prestigious university.” While being undercover, Diggle was going to supervise their education and train them to “become the heroes of tomorrow.” Ramsey was eyed to direct the pilot, which had been written by Superman & Lois’ Michael Narducci. Because Justice U headed back into redevelopment in October 2022 after Ramsey’s update on the spin-off, it was never revealed if the young meta-humans would have been DC characters.

It’s highly unlikely that Justice U will be shopped around as the Arrowverse is on its last legs. On the bright side, Diggle did get one last adventure when he appeared in The Flash season 9 during the episode when Stephen Amell returned as Oliver Queen. Time will tell if Ramsey will ever reveal what they had in mind with Justice U and what characters would have been featured in the Arrowverse offshoot.

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