Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti’s upcoming DC TV series, Dead Boy Detectives, is leaving HBO Max and instead moving over to Netflix as its new home.

Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti’s upcoming DC TV series, Dead Boy Detectives, is leaving HBO Max but instead moving over to Netflix. The DC brand is going in a brand new direction at Warner Bros. Discovery. Following the launch of DC Studios under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s leadership, a new era is coming for live-action and animated properties. One of the DC cornerstones that are fading away is the Arrowverse franchise, which was launched by Berlanti on The CW in 2012. However, Berlanti’s DC TV properties on HBO Max are also slowly wrapping up, with Titans and Doom Patrol ending after season 4.

The remaining DC drama that Berlanti has coming up on HBO Max is Dead Boy Detectives. Despite having a series order, the DC TV series is also leaving HBO Max, but for a new home instead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dead Boy Detectives is moving to Netflix as a result of DC Studios. Per the trade, Warner Bros. TV has been shopping it around after it was determined that it wouldn’t fit in with DC Studios’ overall plans. The shift of platforms is also due to HBO Max reportedly not having been able to market the show until 2024. Netflix, Warner Bros. TV, and Berlanti have yet to comment on this story.

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Dead Boy Detectives Could Tie Into Netflix’s Sandman

Dead Boy Detectives comic book

This is the second Berlanti show to seemingly be affected by the rise of DC Studios as they are planning multiple HBO Max shows. Berlanti originally was set to executive produce Green Lantern, which was taken back to re-development. After landing a series pick-up on HBO Max, the streaming service decided to scrap Berlanti’s initial vision. But in January of this year, Berlanti’s show was replaced by DC Studios’ Lanterns TV show which will still focus on John Stewart but also include Hal Jordan. This comes after them any cancellations that HBO Max has been handing out in the past few months.

But there is another positive side to Dead Boy Detectives leaving HBO Max for Netflix. The property is another one of Neil Gaiman’s creations, the same artist who is also responsible for The Sandman universe. In the comics, Dead Boy Detectives have ties to that corner of the DC Universe. With The Sandman renewed by Netflix, Dead Boy Detectives could now be worked into that franchise and help flesh out that world.

While it’s unclear if Dead Boy Detectives season 1 already has any tie-ins to The Sandman, reshoots could potentially allow them to find ways to connect the two series. Since Gaiman is involved with both DC dramas, it wouldn’t be shocking if the move to Netflix led to the start of a shared universe. If The Sandman comes out before Dead Boy Detectives season 1 does, there may be a chance they start building a bridge before Berlanti’s show premieres. Hopefully, more details will emerge about Dead Boy Detectives sooner rather than later following the Netflix move.

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