The cast of Arrested Development is still active all over social media, with many of the primary actors using the platform to reminisce about the show’s popularity. The sitcom followed the daily lives of the Bluth family, the wealthy owners of a real estate development firm whose dysfunctional dynamic caused plenty of trouble and chaos for Michael Bluth and his siblings. Arrested Development‘s first three seasons were positively received by both critics and audiences, but low viewing numbers meant it was canceled by Fox anyway — before Netflix brought the show back for two more seasons in 2013.


The magic of the show came from its hilarious cast of actors and comedians. Despite Arrested Development being canceled too soon, it quickly gathered a reputation as one of the funniest and most entertaining sitcoms of its era, with the popularity of the show launching many of the main cast’s careers into stardom. Although it was the recurring cast that truly brought Arrested Development to life, the show featured a wide selection of guest appearances from popular comedians and entertainment personalities, which elevated each episode beyond what audiences were expecting from the show.

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Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) — @batemanjason On Twitter

Michael's meta HBO reference in Arrested Development

Michael Bluth remained the lead character of Arrested Development throughout its five seasons, with Jason Bateman grounding the show with a much-needed humanity that mirrored the eccentricity of his family members. Not only was he the most relatable character on the show, but he was also among the funniest — Bateman’s deadpan delivery and sarcasm were always surefire ways of bringing jokes to life. Arrested Development remains one of Bateman’s best shows, though he’s the cast member that’s achieved the most success and fame since its cancelation. He’s appeared in a wide range of projects, including his Emmy-nominated work in the Netflix drama Ozark.

Bateman can be found on Twitter under the handle @batemanjason, where he’s fairly active with news about his career and updates surrounding the projects that he’s got on his schedule. He has also garnered attention for his comedy podcast SmartLess, which he regularly promotes on his account.

Will Arnett (Gob Bluth) — @arnettwill On Twitter

Gob Bluth was the complete opposite of his brother Michael, but it was their obvious differences that made them such an entertaining pair to watch on Arrested Development. Gob was constantly finding himself in hilariously tricky situations that were seemingly impossible to get out of, and it was Will Arnett’s exaggerated performance that really sold the character’s clueless attitude. Arnett has also secured plenty of great roles since leaving Gob Bluth behind — most famously as the titular character of Bojack Horseman. His style of comedy was much more obvious and slapstick than the other actors on Arrested Development, which always made his character fun to watch.

Arnett goes by @arnettwill on Twitter, regularly posting about his upcoming projects and promoting the shows that he’s involved in. His Twitter feed is also filled with sports opinions and updates on his soccer podcast, Back of the Net. Both Bateman and Arnett are close friends in real life too, which they’ve mirrored by joking about each other in their respective bios.

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Portia De Rossi (Lindsay Bluth Fünke) — @portiaderossi On Instagram

Portia de Rossi as Lindsay Funke - Arrested Development Character Guide

Lindsay Bluth Fünke is the sister of Michael and Gob, and her lavish lifestyle and wealthy upbringing have led her to a fairly entitled adulthood. She may not be Arrested Development’s most likable character, but her unique personality makes for some hilarious situations and unpredictable mix-ups that really allow the show to thrive. Lindsay is played by Portia de Rossi, whose incredibly dry humor really made the character hilarious to watch. Much like her mother, Lindsay is a satire of the American upper class, and de Rossi’s snobbish performance allows the audience to really laugh at the character’s many flaws.

Following the show’s revival on Netflix, Lindsay had a smaller role in the plot. This was because Portia de Rossi had begun to retire from acting, pursuing her passions for art curation and publication. She doesn’t have a huge social media presence, but fans can catch up with her at @portiaderossi on Instagram, where she occasionally posts updates about her work and pictures with her wife, Ellen DeGeneres.

Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) — @mrtonyhale On Instagram & Twitter

Buster Bluth was among Arrested Development’s funniest characters, always bringing scenes alive with his complete cluelessness and lack of common sense. He constantly found himself in hilariously difficult situations, whether that was having his hand eaten by a wild seal or enlisting in the military to avoid his controlling mother. Nobody else could’ve made the character shine quite like Tony Hale, whose committed performance as Buster was always one of Arrested Development’s biggest strengths. Though he was rarely involved in the show’s main storylines, he was always the character that audiences relied on to make the many subplots entertaining.

Hale can be found under the account @mrtonyhale on Instagram and Twitter, where he regularly posts about his upcoming projects and comedy career. Like most of his co-stars, Hale has continued to find success over the years by bringing his comedic talents to a wide range of popular movies and shows.

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David Cross (Tobias Fünke) — @davidcrosss On Twitter

David Cross as Tobias looks at Michael fondly in Arrested Development

Tobias Fünke wasn’t the most skilled doctor, but that’s exactly what made him so fun to watch on Arrested Development. He never really knew what he was talking about, often neglecting his career for far-fetched dreams and stumbling his way through life with very little understanding of the real world. He was Lindsay’s husband, but their relationship was never stable. David Cross really made the character his own throughout his time on the show, constantly testing the limits of how incompetent and clueless Tobias could possibly be.

Cross posts regularly to his Twitter account (@davidcrosss) with updates about his comedy career, often advertising shows and live performances across the country. He also uses the platform for sharing funny tweets, which Arrested Development fans would definitely get a kick out of. Though he hasn’t done as much acting work as his previous co-stars, his comedy career has proven just as successful.

Alia Shawkat (Maeby Fünke) — @__mutantalia__ On Instagram

Image of Maeby at a desk in Arrested Development.

Undoubtedly the best role of Alia Shawkat’s career, Maeby Fünke was the daughter of Lindsay and Tobias — though she rarely enjoyed spending time with her family thanks to their erratic behavior. She was probably the most mature of the Bluth family, beginning a high-end career as a movie executive in her teens. She was among the few characters in Arrested Development that could actually see how broken and dysfunctional her family was, which immediately made her one of the most relatable for audiences. Without a more grounded character like Maeby, the show could’ve easily descended even further into chaos.

Shawkat can be found at @__mutantalia__ on Instagram, where she has posted a lot of artwork. Although she’s drifting away from her acting career, Shawkat has continued to star in several projects following the end of Arrested Development. Much like Maeby, she’s living her own life, and that includes expressing herself through various methods on social media.

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