• Love Island USA season 5 couple Destiny and Kyle’s relationship status remains uncertain, but there are hints that they may still be together.
  • Destiny and Kyle have been supportive of each other online, but their interactions seem more platonic than romantic.
  • While it’s possible that they didn’t make it as a couple, there’s a chance that they found something real when Destiny chose Kyle as her final partner. Fans will have to wait until they share more about their post-show love lives.

Love Island USA season 5’s Destiny Zammarra Davis and Kyle Darden had an interesting journey on the show, and it’s time to talk about what happened to them after their installment aired. When dating reality show seasons end, there’s often curiosity about which couples stayed together and which didn’t. In this case, there’s so much chatter about the series’ duos, including Destiny and Kyle and Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen and Taylor Smith.

Love Island USA season 5 pairs go through a lot on the show, and so do cast members who have trouble bonding with other castmates. On the series, anything can happen, from tears to laughter to shock twists and beyond. At first, Destiny wasn’t even paired with Kyle. She got together with Marco Donatelli, but Hannah Wright ended that flirtation. She tried again with Harrison Luna, but they didn’t go the distance. After more troubled connections, she selected Kyle as her final partner.

Destiny & Kyle Are Coy About Their Current Relationship Statuses

Right now, it’s hard to say if they’re together, but hopefully, they’ll post news soon that sheds light on their relationship statuses. Often, after their seasons air, it takes a little while before Love Island USA alums open up about whether they’re single or not. Neither has said anything bad about the other, and there are clues that seem to hint at the duo still being an item.

Destiny posted from LAX, using Instagram Stories, and Kyle was with her at the Hollywood airport. However, Kyle hasn’t posted since August 7, and his newest post is seen above. A friend or loved one likely wrote that post for him, as Kyle was busy with the show.

Destiny Posted After Her Love Island USA Season Aired

23 hours before this article was written, Destiny added her second post-show Instagram post, perhaps trying to be cryptic about her status by adding the lyrics, “I’m stingy with my love.” Was she trying to tell the world something? Right now, Destiny seems to be enjoying teasing her followers. However, eventually, it’s almost certain that she’ll begin sharing more information about her love life, whether it includes Kyle or not.

It’s quite possible that these two Love Island USA stars didn’t make it, as they didn’t bond early in the process. However, each is supporting each other online, although it has to be said that the comments aren’t very romantic. They almost have more of a platonic vibe. Nonetheless, they’re clearly cordial, and there’s always the chance that they found something real when Destiny chose Kyle as her final partner. For now, it’s a waiting game, until Destiny and Kyle really open up about their post-show love lives.

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