Peacock has announced that Golden Globe nominee Alison Brie and The White Lotus star Jake Lacy have officially signed on to portray series regular roles in the upcoming series adaptation of Apples Never Fall, based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling novel of the same name. They will be joining previously announced leading stars, Annette Bening and Sam Neill.

The GLOW alum is set to play Amy Delaney, the oldest Delaney child and the black sheep of the family. Meanwhile, Lacy, who recently worked with Peacock on A Friend of the Family series, will take on the role of Troy Delaney, the second-oldest Delaney child whose competitive edge he developed as a young tennis player is now his greatest asset as a venture capitalist.

Apples Never Fall is written and executive produced by Melanie Marnich, who will also be serving as showrunner. The limited drama will revolve around the disappearance of the Delaney family’s matriarch. Bening and Neill have signed on for the respective roles of Joy and Stan Delaney.

“In the series, from the outside, the Delaneys appear to be the perfect family. Stan and Joy have just sold their successful tennis academy and finally have the life of leisure that they thought they wanted,” reads the synopsis. “And while they look forward to spending time with their four grown children, those kids are busy with their own problems. Everything changes when a wounded young woman knocks on Joy and Stan’s door, bringing the excitement they’ve been missing. But when Joy suddenly disappears, her children have to re-examine their parents’ marriage and their family history with fresh and terrified eyes.

Set against the backdrop of competitive tennis, this story takes us into a family’s darkest secrets and asks, “Can we ever really know the people closest to us?””

The adaptation will be executive produced by David Heyman, Liane Moriarty, Albert Page, Jillian Share, and Chris Sweeney, who will also be directing multiple episodes of the miniseries. It hails from Universal International Studios and Heyday Television.

Production on Apples Never Fall will take place in Queensland, Australia.

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